As if I needed one more reason to fall in mad, mad love with Joss Whedon

You don’t even have to believe in womb envy as scientific theory (although I, for one, have entertained these thoughts – and continue to entertain them, especially wherein evolutionary science is concerned) to see the guy for what he is: thoughtful, compassionate, and utterly brilliant. I used to say that I am ever half the artist that Joss Whedon is – I will die a happy girl (if dying can be happy). Perhaps I should amend that to include something about his humanity.

5 thoughts on “As if I needed one more reason to fall in mad, mad love with Joss Whedon

  1. Sometimes I really do hate the world.

    But then the fact that there are guys like Joss out there gives you hope again.

  2. That cell phone thing .. that bothers me, too. It’s turned all potential would be good samaritans into would be TV journalists.. In some ways I worry that it’s given people an out, we feel like we’re doing something.. and in someways we are… but from what happened to Dua Khalil it was obviously not enough… ;(

  3. That’s a very interesting observation, milo. I haven’t thought about that.

    On one hand, I’m glad the video is out there. On the other hand, I think it’s disgusting.

  4. Coincidentally, ran into this article today:
    …on the Youtube effect.
    That positive side is obviously very real… and hugely important.. Maybe, they should create a way to make it so people can send streaming video messages to police stations and/or government offices, or hospitals (as the case may be) so it doesn’t just make the daily news, but also affects action.. ?? .. hmm… wouldn’t work in corrupt social situations though, I guess.

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