In Dubai

I’ve never experienced a mall food court that was quite as delicious or quite as ridiculous. I’ve never been so hot. I’ve never been so confused, so afraid, so miserable, or so in love.

4 thoughts on “In Dubai

  1. Can’t believe you’re in Dubai!! I’m in Kuwait… and in love, miserable, confused, and afraid… in that order. ;( Here’s to all things that change us for the better!

  2. Hahaha!! Has anyone told you yet what it’s like for a single, unemployed, South Asian woman in the Arabian Gulf? (am feeling strangely like a Madonna song as I say that… ;)) Forget getting to Dubai.. have to leave Kuwait soon, to get a ‘proper’ visa.. You come visit.. (at least when I’m more settled here.. 🙂 )

    Either way, good to see you in the neighbourhood.. It’s different, and there’s beauty in strange places…
    Give it sometime.. you won’t miss it!

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