We walked home under the pear-trees

Listening to “Let It Be” on the mobile’s built-in MP3 player and singing along, off-key, as always. I lit candles for all the men in my life tonight, and those candles stood in front of my eyes, thin, organic, skeletal. The candles are like fingers – like Earth grasping Heaven.

And under my window, boys are walking with their guitars, because the night is warm. I hum along. It’s strange, I used to be closer to that, closer to 17, and now I look at them, and feel my age.

In the kitchen with the butter-light spilling, in the kitchen with mushrooms from the Carpathians, we sing, and stare across the table at one another, and memorize each other’s faces.

For tomorrow we die.

6 thoughts on “We walked home under the pear-trees

  1. Happy Birthday to you, m’dear! Hope you’re having a wonderful day. Huggses…

  2. There are twelve 26s. Each in every month out of 365 days. I was born on 26th June. You on 26th July.Probability of this coincidence=12/365=0.033. Pretty rare to be called a rare coincidence.

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