Everyone’s a moron. Except for the pasty, shirtless dude.

I recently had the displeasure of watching something called Burning Burqa Challenge Idea. I suppose the entire thing was supposed to be witty and provocative. As weirded out as I am by women veiling their faces in Western countries (you get used to niqab in all of five minutes in the UAE), I found the video condescending and crass. And dumb. My brain cells would have been better off getting washed away by the lethal mixture of Satan’s urine and gasoline otherwise known as Absolut.

Then, I read the comments to the video. The few intelligent ones are predictably drowned out by, you guessed it, people tossing around words and phrases like “whore,” “slut,” and “piece of meat” against the woman in the video. Don’t not challenge her opinions, challenge her cleavage instead (something she probably wants you to do in the first place, going by the smirk on her face)! How reassuring and profound.

All of this just goes to show that the culture-wars are mostly being waged and won by people whose homo sapiens grandmas and grandpas made the terrible and foolish choice of breeding with the Neanderthals (science keeps going on and on about how they all went extinct ages ago, but I say there’s a cover-up) they kept in their basements for cheap labour.

Although, then again, one video response does allow hope for humanity.

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