Sunday Snowday Intermission

In November, Kyiv often looks like it does today:


For whatever reason snow usually goes away in December, but until then even old buildings look spruced up in white.

Enjoying the cold is more fun when there’s someone warm (and proferring a mug of hot chocolate) to come back to at home, but I’ve been praying to end this strange limbo by the end of the month. Wish me luck, OK?:


16 thoughts on “Sunday Snowday Intermission

  1. beautiful weather. but…isnt it obvious that by showing yourself this way you just ask for approval? from men? why? don’t get it.

    p.s. i liked “natasha from russia.” it was what brought me to your blog. i was surprised that the auhtor of “natasha from russia”, you, was not a radical feminist.

  2. Sure. I’m here ’till the 26th, I believe. 🙂

    Oh, and “Carla”? I’ve got at least a foot and a half of snow on my street, I’ve got a bottle of red wine and chocolate truffle cake, and I’m having too much of a good time to respond to your silliness in any meaningful manner. Showing my face is now some sort of pitch for approval? What are you, Taliban-lite?

  3. I can’t help it, but that first comment made me laugh a bit too much… well, Natalia definitely has my approval now (oh but damn, I’m not a man).

    Anyway, just wanted to tell that I adore this space of yours, Natshechka.

  4. Hey, Natalia, is it okay if I objectify you a little? ’cause I think you’re beautiful, too.

    lovely winter pic. I love your pics of Kyiv.

    (tangentially: is it incorrect to say “the” Ukraine? I notice you just say “Ukraine”)

    good luck with the limbo, fingers and all crossable bits crossed…

  5. I thought I posted here:

    The pics of Kyiv in the snow are great – I love snowed-in landscapes.

    Plus, you’ve got my approval too (not a man, either). 🙂

    Is it bad that after reading Belle’s question about “(The) Ukraine” that my mind tried to work it into a Russian Reversal? I totally didn’t follow through.

  6. Well, in my mind “the Ukraine” sounds strange – sort of like “the Hague,” which would sound OK to me if Ukraine were a city.

    You encounter this in the Russian language as well:

    “I’m in Ukraine” should technically be “Ya V Ukraine.” But, because Ukraine is seen as provincial or far away or something, people say “NA Ukraine.”

    I’m not really sure which one is correct or not, to be honest. I just say these things because the other way of saying them causes a cognitive dissonance on my part. 🙂

    And thank you for approving me. You’re not men – but I’m sure Carla will appreciate your modest contribution. 😀

  7. hm. in the UK they say “in hospital,” which just sounds weird to US ears. “the hospital.”

    i mean, when you leave, do you say “out hospital?”

  8. Lovely photos! Your hair looks lovely dark! Perfect for the season.

    I’ve been so spoiled by the south–it’s 70F right now. After 20 yrs here, I have grown accustomed to Carolina weather and would find substantial snowfall most unpleasant in Autumn! (Although I remember going trick-or-treat one year in Ohio in very deep snow.)

    And as always, wishing you oodles of luck, prayers and love. 🙂

  9. You’re beautiful! But I dont want you to do anything to take away your beauty! Is that femi-judgemental of me? Isn’t it wonderful that you get to be there for awhile in the autumn? Kiev looks so lovely in the snow. Where are you off to after the 26th? (You can email me–you might have blog stalkers–eek, gross) Gav and I are going up to The City for Thanksgiving. Should be fun. We going to the Russian Banya to get inspired.

    Also, if anyone really want to get male attention, I’d advise you to take a page from Okidu and bat your huge eyes while whimpering quietly and staring off in the distance. It works like a charm on Gav every time. He is such a suck . . . .

  10. I thought part of feminism was being true to who you are. So, if you’re a physically beautiful person, you must be true to that, right? I smelling sour grapes from Carla.

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