Merry Orthodox Christmas

Most people don’t know that the Russian Orthodox Church is still on the old calendar, but there you have it. You’ve learned something new.

I’ve gone off the deep end on Mike Huckabee. The results are here. I feel a little bit like the Tom Cruise character at the beginning of that vastly overrated movie, “Jerry Maguire” (for what it’s worth, I thought “JM” had a great start, and then it just died).

Sim Stafford hates on Sallie Mae.

Speaking of Russia, Husam Abdullatif talks about why, as a visiting Arab, he felt so weirdly at home in Moscow recently.

So there’s some good writing for you to read, and as for me, I’m writing a fairy tale for fun, and trying to enjoy the cooler weather while it lasts. It’s amazing what constitutes “cooler weather” to me nowadays.

5 thoughts on “Merry Orthodox Christmas

  1. As we speak, Huckabee is at the anti-abortion “counseling” center, about 10 miles away. Early primaries bring them out of the woodwork, yes indeedy!

    I don’t find him likable, and I am trying to figure out why. I think I see something uniquely southern, and I am trying to put my finger on it… there is a certain arrogance in his calm, a spiritual certainty that comes from his fundamentalism, that makes him seem serene. In short, its all done with mirrors.

    If he keeps on winning, and very well might here in SC, I will have to expand on what I mean, this indefinable thing I can’t put words to.

  2. Huckabee is not likeable. I think that the “indefineable thing” that you’re talking about is narcissism, since, in the South, the born-again Protestant movement is a magnet for narcissists. Extreme narcissists are expert performers, which might account for the combination of arrogance and serenity. As you say, it’s all done with mirrors. Those people have no shame.

    Hopefully, the South Carolina GOP will come to its senses and vote for McCain.

    I had earlier committed to Natalia Antonova not to post here anymore, and already I have broken my word twice. I apologize, and will stop now.

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