Writing round-up, 2016: Six non-horrible things that happened this year

I’m not really sure what to say about the year 2016. “At least we didn’t all die in a nuclear blast” is one good thing I could mention, I guess. On a personal level, it was a year of disappointments and setbacks, fears and frustrations, but also the year in which I sat in aContinue reading “Writing round-up, 2016: Six non-horrible things that happened this year”

Fun Online Reading For You!

OK, so we’ve been busy improving the features on the Arab-themed magazine (improvements to the general-themed international magazine will soon follow), particularly as it relates to the browsing experience. So, for example, now you can read up on topics featuring Muslim women with all of the related articles grouped together nicely for your enjoyment. AnotherContinue reading “Fun Online Reading For You!”

Since I have writer’s block

Here are some people who don’t: Ali Eteraz – On the vanity of politics. Victoria Aitken – On the treachery of British Airways (and Pia Getty’s fabulousness, and… well, find out for yourself, wont’cha?) Suroor – On the stupidity of knee-jerk reactions to the burqa. As for the state of my own, ah, craft… TheContinue reading “Since I have writer’s block”

Merry Orthodox Christmas

Most people don’t know that the Russian Orthodox Church is still on the old calendar, but there you have it. You’ve learned something new. I’ve gone off the deep end on Mike Huckabee. The results are here. I feel a little bit like the Tom Cruise character at the beginning of that vastly overrated movie,Continue reading “Merry Orthodox Christmas”