Fun Online Reading For You!

OK, so we’ve been busy improving the features on the Arab-themed magazine (improvements to the general-themed international magazine will soon follow), particularly as it relates to the browsing experience.

So, for example, now you can read up on topics featuring Muslim women with all of the related articles grouped together nicely for your enjoyment. Another kick-ass category I’d like to highlight is Arab and Muslim themed humor. We’re looking for more topical submissions in that genre, so if you think you’re up to it, do write me: natalia [at] arabcomment [dot] com.

Now, as I already mentioned, GlobalComment will soon have a similar makeover. Humorous writing is the lifeblood of the site, it’s what makes my job as both writer and editor that much more divine (not in the John Waters sense of the word, har har), and I encourage anyone reading this to submit your work.

Since I’m on the subject of good reads, a cursory look at the news today had me gagging. Holy Batman. Severed right feet? Now, I tip my hat and snap my garter at the writer of this story, he kept the sensationalism in check, but you can’t help but conjure up images of all sorts of evil when you read.

If you’re not sufficiently nauseous, check out more on deranged purity balls. Freud and Sophocles are turning over in their graves.

Oh, but I promised fun online reading, didn’t I? Well, for a trip down the memory lane of Camille Paglia’s greatest misses, why not check out this old (yet gleaming) chestnut from belledame? Back in the day, Paglia used to blame women for getting raped (and, I’m sure, still does). She recently blamed a flamboyantly dressed teenager for being shot. Of course, she couched it in the rhetoric of “oh, that poor, confused child, why didn’t anyone save him from himself before it was too late,” but I could see right through that. She worships traditional masculinity in this creepy way that suggests that men are gods who can do no wrong (unless they have floppy haircuts and/or support Senator Clinton), and says a lot more about her than it does about men. Or else she just does it because it gets her attention (hey, I’m writing about her right now, aren’t I?).

I can appreciate the fact that Camille and I agree on the brilliance of Verka Serdyuchka:

But I also kinda want to shout “keep your hands off my Verka!”

Anyway, that was fun. Fun is also to be had over at Susie Bright’s. I can’t believe I haven’t read her until today.

5 thoughts on “Fun Online Reading For You!

  1. I love that video! I thought Verka’s performance at Eurovision last year should definitely have won, but hadn’t seen any of her other stuff till now.

    Thanks for pointing me back to Susie Bright’s blog too. I enjoyed the post she wrote about Juno, Waitress et al a while ago but somehow never went back.

    Browsing ArabComment is going well for me so far, although I should probably stop reading at some point and do some more work…

  2. I also heart Verka, even though I never have any idea what’s going on in those videos. At least they have eye candy for everyone, and I loved the silver lederhosen in last year’s Eurowhateverthehell contest.

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