Congratulations to Russia AND Ukraine

Thank you for a fun Eurovision. It’s not cool to care about these contests, but whatever. Screw you, stiff-upper-lippy types, and screw everyone nattering on about “we need to have a contest just for Western countries! Why I was livid that these creatures, who ought to be hoovering my living room or performing a different kind of suction (their lovelies are great as long as they don’t talk), banded together to prop up and celebrate each other! How thoughtless and rude!”

I’m not a huge fan of Dima Bilan or Ani Lorak, Verka Serdyuchka beats them both by a mile, but they’re fun performers. Dima is a huge, huge sex symbol (and will probably make an appearance as one of the beautiful people regularly featured on this blog), and Ani Lorak is one of those people who actually helped popularize the very idea of a Ukrainian-language pop scene.

I am in awe of this contest as seen through the prism of furious activity on LiveJournal. Some Ukrainians are de-friending all Russians, some Russians are doing the same to Ukrainians, others are speculating on Dima Bilan’s sexuality/Ani Lorak’s “actual gender.” But all of this, upon closer inspection, is actually really, really light-hearted. Perhaps my LJ friends are not representative, but, once again, who cares? They fun. Even more fun than the pop musicians.

8 thoughts on “Congratulations to Russia AND Ukraine

  1. The idea of having a “Eurovision” just for Western countries would take all the fun out of it. I’m resigned to the UK not doing well in the contest but we’re guaranteed an entry to the final every year so we can’t complain that much!

  2. Because of the way voting patterns are I see the contest being passed around Eastern Europe for the next 10 years. In my opinion, Greece should have done much better than Ukraine or Russia. I can see the BBC possibly pulling out of supporting Eurovision though – Terry Wogan is considering quitting, which is tragic.

    Though I did love the contest and will write my own silly awards for it soonish.

  3. Though political voting has always happened. It just feels a bit unfair, really. Especially being in the UK, as our performance was infinitely better than the Spanish one!

    I actually wish Bosnia & Herzegovina would have one, or Latvia. Those were awesome.

  4. The Eurovision Song Contest is one TV event that I make an effort to see annually – not because I “enjoy” it, but because mediocrity and poor quality *can* be entertaining! The Russian contribution was rather a deja vu for ice skating fans – I’ve seen Plushenko and his violinist friend in several ice shows. As for the rest of the competition, there was nothing that even remotely tempted me to call in and vote. And the German group was horrible – a boringly repetitive melody, sung awfully off-key!

    I take neither the event nor the competition seriously, but apparently Russia did – they invested major money in the project!

  5. And the other thing is (I was thinking about this today), Eurovision is new and exciting for former Soviet countries and the Soviet bloc.

    Most people born and raised in the West don’t see that. They think it’s hilarious that the Ukrainian President would attend Eurovision in Kiev.

    But there’s a very different perspective on it for many people born and raised in the East. And the Western media does not cover this perspective, nor does it particularly care for it.

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