In the mood for Bekmambetov’s “Mongol,” baby

The music is “Tamerlan’s Doors” by Mel’nica.

“Mongol” by Timur Bekmambetov was nominated for an Oscar. Between that and Mikhalkov’s “12,” all I can say is we wuz robbed.

Whether you like the film or not (I’ve only seen parts of it so far), the video is pretty sweet.

2 thoughts on “In the mood for Bekmambetov’s “Mongol,” baby

  1. I looked good to me until I read a critic on imdb (you should really check it out…) They will soon show the movie in Ottawa now…

  2. Mongol was great. Instead of just doing an A&E style Ghengis as a crude but charismatic barbarian, it showed him as an ambitious and complex character who viewed Mongol tradition as limiting and looked for a new way to do things. It didn’t try to sanitize his ruthlessness but placed it in the context of his own life and the chaos and lawlessness of his time. Even his relationship with his wife was really textured and great. I give it 5 pointy leather helmets out of 5.

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