Mikhalkov’s “12”: One of the most glorious moments in modern Russian cinema

Lezginka! I don’t think you even need to like this movie in order to feel goosebumps crawling up your arms as you watch this one. If you can’t read the Russian subtitles and don’t understand Chechen, the kid expresses admiration for the knife, and the man gives it to him. After the dance, the kid’sContinue reading “Mikhalkov’s “12”: One of the most glorious moments in modern Russian cinema”

Happy Victory Day! – С Днем Победы!

My grandmother started crying on the phone: “I don’t want you to ever know what it’s like to hear the shelling and know that it’s coming for you.” War is banal and blind and savage and ultimately meaningless. But there is still something to smile about today, at least for me. If only because itsContinue reading “Happy Victory Day! – С Днем Победы!”

“Born in the USSR”

My anthem for this weekend, and, perhaps, forever (I go through phases with this band, DDT – sometimes I worship them, sometimes they strike me as uncool, sometimes they are the nucleus of my nostalgia). And, just because this goes along with that faded, fluttery image of the early days of my childhood, here isContinue reading ““Born in the USSR””

In the mood for Bekmambetov’s “Mongol,” baby

The music is “Tamerlan’s Doors” by Mel’nica. “Mongol” by Timur Bekmambetov was nominated for an Oscar. Between that and Mikhalkov’s “12,” all I can say is we wuz robbed. Whether you like the film or not (I’ve only seen parts of it so far), the video is pretty sweet.