I see you baby! Going to the semi-final!

It’s 3 a.m. in the Holy Land, and I am quietly celebrating Russia’s victory over Holland. I’ve got no one to high-five and no one to knock back the shots with, but I am high-fiving and knocking back shots in spirit, on the astral plane, where the stars shine red tonight. I must admit thatContinue reading “I see you baby! Going to the semi-final!”

Happy Victory Day! – С Днем Победы!

My grandmother started crying on the phone: “I don’t want you to ever know what it’s like to hear the shelling and know that it’s coming for you.” War is banal and blind and savage and ultimately meaningless. But there is still something to smile about today, at least for me. If only because itsContinue reading “Happy Victory Day! – С Днем Победы!”