Do you make fun of men who use their charm and looks for personal gain?

Sweet Batman on a pogo-stick. Again? Someone must be an addict for snarky trackbacks from yours truly.

I guess there are worse things to be addicted to, but still. Come on. “Madonna isn’t welcome at our garden-party!” Or… something “She knows what she’s doing.” (This is an actual quote from the comments, courtesy of the ever affable Polly Styrene). Oh dear. You’d prefer that women did not know what they are doing? Or had no control over it? Perhaps if you found out that a big, hairy, cigar-chewing patriarch was putting a gun to Madonna’s head and telling her to shake her thing on MTV, you’d instantly be transformed into her biggest champion?

“Now, now, ladies, it’s OK to be sexxxay and charming, as long as you’re not enjoying it.”

Have you guys ever talked that way about Justin Timberlake? I’ve always liked him. And, it didn’t have a whole lot to do with his music. It’s entertaining, but it usually isn’t my cup of tea (unless I am in a mood – I don’t know what kind of mood, just a mood).

You know what is my cup of tea, though?


Guys who manage to pull off white pants and tattoos. And believe me, he knows what he’s doing too.

13 thoughts on “Do you make fun of men who use their charm and looks for personal gain?

  1. Love you. Those pictures are the first time I’ve ever found Justin Timberlake sexy.

    As for Madonna…yeah. Last week I got to listen to my boss (Debbie Stoller at BUST) get interviewed about Madonna and sex-positive feminism, and she laid it all down.

    Of course Madonna knows what she’s doing. It’s called agency, you nitwits. It’s how she is in control of her (constantly-changing) image, and SHE can decide to be sexy, or not sexy, or how she’s going to be sexy. Or whether she wants to go write children’s books.


  2. Bashing Madonna?! She’s 50 and rocking it out. How can one NOT love that?

    Oh, and I love the JT crotch shot, ha ha.

  3. JT and George Clooney have set the masculinity movement back 10 years with all of their good looks and charm.

    I wasn’t a big JT fan until “dick in a box.” Respek!

  4. So, Madonna deserves snarking because she snogged one of her female dancers onstage? “oh.”

    I take it the male cone bras were…well, no doubt wrong in some other capacity, though.

    Seriously, does this person have some kind of issue with femme women, or what? And I love “I was just joking,” that’s not at ALL reminiscent of yer basic misogynist jer–

    oh hay look, even Debs thinks so too! wowzers.

  5. anyway I know I made wayyyy more fun of K-Fed than Britney. Trainwrecky as Britney is, I don’t have the heart to mock her; she’s just this celeb, you know? and actually, gotta give her props: her latest CD is wicked good, if you like that sort of thing, which I do, dammit.

    which is more than you can say for Smug Useless Lump Of Ex Husband there.

    “po! po! po! po! popo ZAO! ahahah!”

  6. …ohhhhhh, i see, it’s a CLASS thing, see.

    …and yet, surprise, IBTP is on the very short blogroll there.

    which, yeah, you really can kind of see the influence…

    Someday, maybe, someone will explain it to this person about Twisty(ism) in a way that might sink in? perhaps? maybe? For fairly obvious reasons, it shan’t be I:

    touching, though

  7. Oh, look, Belle, you’re an “antifeminist troll”! Shall I make a t-shirt for you? 😉

    The dislike of Madonna is curious, because while people dislike her for very specific reasons (“I don’t like her music,” “she tries too hard,” etc.), I find the “crimes against feminism” thing to be puzzling. For sure, it’s been happening for a long time, even when she was crawling on the floor and licking milk out of a saucer, people were objecting to that. But I still don’t get it.

    Here’s someone who really, really owns her image. Is probably one of the toughest, and hardest working women in the entertainment business to this day. Is constantly criticized for being “the domineering” one in her marriage (honestly, why do people give a shit, in this day and age? What she and Guy Ritchie are up to behind closed doors is their business).

    Say what you want about her style – I was a big fan of the “Ray of Light” phase, for example, and not a fan of the leotard – this woman is clearly intelligent, powerful, and, hey, sexy. At 50. What exactly is her crime against feminism? That she took on the industry and won? That she inspires people and gets people talking? That she is *GASP* a gay icon?

    Why is there this ridiculous puritanism in feminist discussion of Madonna? I might ask the same question about Scarlett Johansson. When I was at a college, in class, during a feminist discussion, a grad student made this comment that it’s such a “shame” that Scarlett has “grown into a sexpot.” WTF? Was she supposed to stay a little girl forever? She’s damn fine, she owns it, what do we do, ask her to put a bag over her head?

    There’s this catty bullshit that’s being disguised as feminism in many circles, not just online, and it sucks.

  8. I think there is a general sentiment that anytime a woman displays any iota of sensuality/sexuality that somehow she is betraying feminism. I, for, one, do not believe that they are mutually exclusive concepts. Quite the opposite in fact. Sexuality is part of being a woman. If you shy away from it because of what people would think, then you are just reinforcing societal norms of what good girls should/should not do.

    And fuck that.

    But this is from a dude. So take my comment for what it’s worth.

  9. So, I read PS’s p.s. over there, and…yeah, okay.

    Look, afaik no one thinks Madonna’s, like, Gandhi, here. She’s in it for herself, always has been; warm and fuzzy universal sisterhood feminism (if any) hers is not. And yeah, she’s definitely been accused of exploiting people before. Whether that dancer was particularly uncomfortable (one would have to ask her, preferably at a juncture where her job no longer depended on her answer) and/or black-on-white fantasies were being played to especially there, I don’t know.

    I do remember, and agreed with to a large extent, the criticisms leveled at her during the “Vogue” era, wherein her “homage” to black drag balls veered over into appropriation (i.e. “this is neat, I’ll just incorporate it into my famousness, meanwhile y’all go on as before without even much acknowledgment let alone recompense”). And as I said, the “Esther” business and the (cult! cult!) Kabbalah center business just makes me roll my eyes; and the whole “how can I be more shocking THIS time?” thing does get old, yes. And on a personal level…look, I don’t think anyone is under the impression she’s -nice-, you know?

    Thing is, though, none of this really has much if anything to do with the objections people had to MT’s cartoon, to wit: for someone purporting to be a “radical feminist” this sure reads like your standard not-particularly-feminist-at-all-really gossip mag slagging of female celebrities.

    Yeah, I’m sure they’ll like, live, you know; the question isn’t whether poor Madonna and Scarlett Johannsen (what’d she do to merit this, p.s.? and Beyonce? I know she’s said homophobic shit, but somehow I doubt this was the concern here) can survive yet one more obscure person on the Internets being petty; the question is, why does a “radical feminist” particularly get off on this in the first place, and what does this say about the “radical feminism” in question?

    And, also: “just joking?” like, lighten UP, where’s your sense of humor? um…irony, much?

    As for the “faux-lesbian” thing (which is PS’ thing more than MT’s, I rather think): personally? Doesn’t really bother me. Know why? Because as far as I was concerned growing up, I think -any- expression of same-sex smooching on my TV to any sort of approval would’ve been an improvement over what I -did- have: nothing, and then a couple of books in the library wherein the gay teenagers either died tragically by their own hands or were raped by some creepy boy voyeur. (goddam Sandra Scoppettone for fucking up my puberty anyway…)

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