Good writing, good times, good scandals, and (what else?) hot guys!

Before anything else, I have to give props to Renegade Evolution for celebrating Female Desire Week with such flair. If there is one thing the world needs, it is more pictures of gorgeous men set to White Zombie. We’ve got Meloni, Mortensen…

Where was I now?

OK, I’d also like to highlight the growing writing collections on the magazine: particularly, our section on election ’08, our humor section, our very quirky travel section, and our poetry corner. The website is in the middle of a major growth spurt, and I hope you (yes, you!) contribute to it. For details, see our submissions page.

Since I’m going around and promoting collections of great writing, I have to include Lina’s Feministisches Dogmatiks, BD’s coverage of all things sex positive, Slut Machine’s writing on Jezebel, Afronerd (I didn’t spot any tags, but just read the entire thing, you’ll enjoy), Secular Apostate’s media criticism, and (while it may seem redundant) check out Litlove on books.

Oh, and this film review, the accompanying picture, and male critics’ take on Sex & the City in general are being rightfully called out for what they are: creepy, sad, and just a tad on the sexist side. Remind me why we need cultural gate-keepers again? Oh, it’s because someone better keep those sexy older women in line (hmm, speaking of Madonna at 50…). You know, I was never a huge fan of “Sex & the City,” but I did enjoy it, and I hate the way it is used by women-bashers.

Oh dear, women enjoyed a fluffy show about f*cking and over-priced shoes, this is scientific proof that women are dumbasses! It’s funny how hardly anyone wishes to extend this logic to men who happen to enjoy pro-wrestling. Oh sure, the cultural gate-keepers might look down their nose at men (or women, for that matter) who do, but they’ll never use this to bash the entire gender, or bash presidential candidate supporters.

Women might complain about said “boys’ entertainment,” but men openly  and viciously despise anything branded as “girls’ entertainment.” It’s almost like you have to prove your masculinity by going out of your way to stomp on the throats of the “Sex & the City” crew. It’s insecure bullshit. It’s the “omigod, someone might think I’m gay” defense.

I didn’t like “The Golden Compass,” for example, but was dismayed to hear that little boys simply refused to see it on account of the girl being the hero. This is while women are encouraged to identify with boy-heros all the time – how many female Harry Potter fans are out there? How many women love The Lord of the Rings?

Just in case the drama is getting too much for you at the moment, here’s a hot picture of Ewan McGregor, being hot:

mcgregor for davidoff

Picture from Lipstick Bitches.

11 thoughts on “Good writing, good times, good scandals, and (what else?) hot guys!

  1. I just read the Golden Compass, I heard the movie was the worst adaptation ever. I just wanted to say that I know a lot of boys for whom The Dispossessed by Ursuala Le Guin is one of their favourite books, though the majority of boys I talk to are over 20 and nerdy. Also there’s Bone as far as female fantasy heroes that boys read goes…hopefully the movie won’t fuck it up too bad and more people will get into it.

    Sex and the City: if you took away the voiceover and the softcore it would basically just be a female Seinfeld, and I am saying this as one of those girls that hates shopping and makeup and can’t walk in heels and would usually rather gouge my eyes out over talking about that stuff for 15 minutes, FWIW.
    I have noticed that the characters’ cliche and self absorbed aspects seem to have gotten way more cartoonish and over the top in the later seasons, though, and I think their writing staff is largely male too-something about that doesn’t sit right with me. Those are also the parts that I actually laugh at though so I dunno what that says about me, maybe I’m a closet misogynist.
    I do find it really suspect though when guys will bitch about being dragged to some romantic comedy yet obsess over High Fidelity cause it, like, perfectly describes them. Pot, meet kettle.

  2. My friend just saw it, aged 29 and has been through a recent break-up, and she LOOOOOOVED it and cried her heart out, identifying with Carrie.

    I’d say a definite chick flick! 😉

    She was especially by how the wedding-hoopla seemed to intimidate the guy… why are men so intimidated by WEDDINGS themselves? It’s an interesting question, maybe because they are what SHE wants? A marriage is a marriage, so why does the whole wedding process seem to freak out so many men? We ended up having a very cool conversation about that.

    Obviously, most of these guys you quote wouldn’t approve of 1) the plot or 2) our conversation about the plot…

    Great post.

  3. (Oy, too early for me to be typing–stayed up late last night, can ya tell?)

    In the comment above, should be, “She was especially MOVED by….”

  4. wow, having not slept in 36 hours, i didn’t think i had the brain capacity to be pissed off. what a cheap shot.

  5. I actually enjoyed the Sex and the City movie, and I was a fan of the show (although I was somewhat dismayed by the inclusion of a “magical negro” character). The young woman sitting next to me literally bawled her eyes out during certain scenes.

    And I would say more but…Ewan there is distracting me…

  6. I heard from a sympathetic audience that the SatC movie was pretty terrible.

    As for boys identifying with females, I see your point, but the popularity of Buffy across genders is a powerful counterargument. A lot of nerds liked Bone by Jeff Smith as well, hopefully they won’t mess up the movie too bad and more people will get into it.

  7. I admit … I heart Carrie.

    Am in the west bank right now … just remembered you’re in Jordan. Will read your election ’08 section when I get reliable Internet. Would love to write something.

    Write me. I miss you.

  8. Eh, I don’t like SatC, but then, I also don’t like mens’ magazines or top 40 hip hop, which are also about f*cking and overpriced clothes. Being overly critical of it or using at as a cudgel against women is shitty, and, beyond that, puzzling; generally, if I don’t like a show, I just don’t think about it much unless it’s infuriatingly racist or sexist, or horrifically overhyped (cough LOST cough cough).

    By the way, I’m looking for movies I can show to teenage boys at my work that will keep them interested AND have an anti-sexist message or at least a basic theme about treating women with respect. Any suggestions? So far it’s only been “Raising Victor Vargas” really.

  9. I miss you too, Tricky Dick. Please do submit.

    PS, I’m going to think long and hard about your question. There are definitely movies that I would recommend, and I used to have a handy list of them, but I can’t seem to find it on my hard drive, so a little more pondering is in order.

    In the meantime, if anyone else wants to recommend anything, please do so here.

  10. And here I was, thinking the “hot guys” were one of your references to football (soccer) players! I guess the European championships aren’t as important where you are right now, but if you have a chance to look, the quality of the playing is not the only aspect that makes the games fun to watch! 😉

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