I am working on a new essay, so check out the Beautiful Men, Euro 2008 Edition

From Russia, my Russia: Roman Shirokov (who looks like he should be in the Marines).

From Italia: Luca Toni (smile for me, Cheshire Kitty).

From France: Thierry Henry.

From Spain: Iker Casillas (rocking my face off since 2002) and, since I can’t resist, Fernando Torres.

From Portugal: Helder Castiga and… OK… OK… I trash him in my column, but he’s hot and talented… OK? Happy now? HAPPY NOW? Here he is, Mr. Cristiano “Ferret Grin” Ronaldo.

From Germany: Piotr Trochowski.

I’m all beautified out for now. Will possibly have more, either when I’m done with my essay, or when I find myself hopelessly stuck again. Thanks to Esty for giving me the bright idea.

3 thoughts on “I am working on a new essay, so check out the Beautiful Men, Euro 2008 Edition

  1. Hi there! Found your blog off femsite, your post on feminism and religion specifically. I’ve been thinking about the subject a bit, reconciling Catholicism and Feminism actually. Anyway… I really liked the link to the soccer players. A few years ago I was partial to the Czechs, as my ex is a Czech, but I just have to admit that I like the Spaniards. Gotta be loyal to the homeland, though it ceased to be my homeland hundreds of years ago.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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