Big blogger picks on little blogger

You know, there are ways of disagreeing with someone without publicly ridiculing a painful experience. I have my (ratherf*ckinghuge) differences with Debs, but the treatment she has gotten at the hands of Dr. Crippen is beyond inappropriate.

I once had something bad happen, with a female doctor. I wouldn’t call it a rape, but it was certainly a violation, and I remember stumbling out of her office completely bewildered, with tears in my eyes. I was in Ukraine at the time, and went to a (highly recommended) clinic at a public hospital. I was lucky that I could afford to then visit a private clinic and I shudder to think about all the women who could not.

So from where I stand, Dr. Crippen & friends sure picked themselves a convenient target with this one. Taking a post about such a violation, distorting it, turning it into a punchline, the clearly vulnerable author into a caricature – gosh it just gives one a little thrill, a cool little frisson of superiority!

Now, I don’t agree with Debs on most things. In fact, if tomorrow Debs told me that the sky was blue, I’d probably use that as a chance to get into a huge, pointless argument with lots of bad puns along the way.

But I know (realf*ckingserious) pain when I see it. For shame.

4 thoughts on “Big blogger picks on little blogger

  1. This brings back painful memories of a bad experience I also had in a women’s clinic. It was such a small event, but the way the doctor handled it left me feeling horribly violated.

  2. FYI, BEWARE If:
    1. You go to a clinic, the room is large, you are asked what your plans are for the afternoon, and do you mind, “a couple of nursing students” watching the pelvic exam. If you say “Ok”, here is what will happen.
    You will be asked to put on a gown and placed in position, then in will come at least 8 and as many as twelve students, mostly male. They may be nursing students but are more likely medical students. Over the course of an hour you will be subjected to each one taking turns doing breast, pelvic, and rectal exams. You will be naked w/o drape so the students can better see what is going on. This goes on for three hours or more. Some women do better than others, many are left shaking and crying.

    2. If you need surgery. Many hospitals have contracts with medical schools. You may pick an experienced female surgeon for that mastectomy or GYN surgery, you may ask for an all female team, you may be promised an all female team, but once sedated a gang of residents, students, nurses, other physicians come in to take turns doing practice exams as described above on the manipulated clinic patient only you are sedated and never told or asked, male residents are likely to be involved in surgical procedures, and so forth. Requests to exclude males are not respected. Often women are left sedated and undraped while janitors clean up around them. Once you are sedated, little care is taken if any to protect your rights or dignity.
    3. you need a colonoscopy. Once sedated again in come students and residents to perform exams and the procedure.

    NOT INFORMED CONSENT and these people do not care, we are not human to them, just lab rats and cadavers.

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