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List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your spring summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

See, my current list proves that I am a sap. I just hope the cockroaches don’t get a hold of it. It will do lots for their morale:

Viva La Vida – Coldplay
Can You Hear Me – Enrique Iglesias. “Hey, hey, all the way DJ…” Ohhh yeah. Even typing these words makes me start bouncing around.
When You Touch Me – Freemasons
A Journey in the Dark – Howard Shore
Snova Poezd (Train Again) – Chizh & Co.
Nantes – Beirut
What’s Left of the Flag – Flogging Molly

I tag Belle, Parallel Sidewalk, the Secular Apostate, Gabriel, Kevin, Aishwarya, and Neeka.

13 thoughts on “Tagged by Renegade

  1. I couldn’t find Chizh & Co. but the Howard Shore was cool and dark, have you heard “Heart’s A Mess” by Goyte? Beirut reminded me of Arcade Fire and I’ve always liked Flogging Molly… which sounds weird. A friend of mine has a band called The Peelers (on hiatus) and they’ve done shows with Flogging Molly and The Mahones. You’d probably really like Ashley MacIssac, there’s a lot of his work on YouTube.

    The Freemasons remind me of the music my little brother used to play when he was getting… ‘prepared’ to go out. Despite the memories they bring back of him dancing around the living room, I like them. Coldplay I mostly like, Enrique Iglesias… I can’t believe I’m admitting this in an open forum, but I like some of his stuff.

    Ashley MacIssac:

    Arcade Fire:


  2. Here’s a Chizh (Чиж) song (I can’t find the one about the train, which is the one I listed). They’re a pretty old Russian band. I used to listen to them when I was a wee little girl. This is another great one:

    Here the song is set to an American TV show. Gotta love YouTube.

  3. Yeah, the video was definitely odd. But the song was really nice… what were they singing about?

    As I was listening I thought about “Jolie Louise” by Daniel Lanois… he put out an album years ago called ‘Acadie’ where the songs were written in the styles of the French regions of Canada and the U.S., so he started with the Québécois then the Acadians, and ended up Cajun.

    ‘Jolie Louise’ is about the Quebec region just a little north-west from where I live:

    And this one’s about the Acadians who were forced out of Canada and moved to Louisiana (Cajun), and has Aaron Neville (!) singing backup:

  4. I love everyone on the list except Enrique. I saw Flogging Molly on St. Patty’s day about 4 years ago and it was amazing.

    Anyway, only one person I tagged has hit it up so far, but it was Muse and she put up all kinds of cool Urdu stuff, so it’s a quality over quantity thing 🙂

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