It gets personal: a dispatch from the Buguruslan Central City Hospital

As a journalist, I frequently write about both problems and breakthroughs in Russian medicine. I write about the need for the humanization of Russian medical culture following decades of Soviet rule in particular. I also write about funding problems. Every once in a while, this topic gets personal – extremely, painfully personal. My mother-in-law, TatianaContinue reading “It gets personal: a dispatch from the Buguruslan Central City Hospital”

Big blogger picks on little blogger

You know, there are ways of disagreeing with someone without publicly ridiculing a painful experience. I have my (ratherf*ckinghuge) differences with Debs, but the treatment she has gotten at the hands of Dr. Crippen is beyond inappropriate. I once had something bad happen, with a female doctor. I wouldn’t call it a rape, but itContinue reading “Big blogger picks on little blogger”