I breathe fire and doom upon you all!

First of all, what the eff?

I don’t like that entire thread, but when I got to the part about how evil sluts are responsible for men harassing nice, upstanding young ladies (and don’t give me that crap about how it’s really the men causing the bad women to cause the men to attack the nice women), I spilled my midnight delight of a beer down my shirt. Goddamit. Here I was, enjoying Chernigivske Sribne, and another lovely, windswept night in lovely, windswept Kiev, and my chi gets all messed up.

You people owe me new Juicy Couture. No? “Just wash it”? How will that cover the psychological damage I have endured?

It’s fairly obvious I’m going to have to post something utterly un-radfeminist to get my sweet revenge. Only click on the link if you dare face the unspeakable.

“Ai! ai!” wailed Legolas. “Bart’s penis! Bart’s penis is come!”

From the same thread:

” I am sad for the pain that the fun feminists will know, because they will not understand how it could happen to them.”

Oh please. Victim of abuse and multiple assaults right here. Spare the sugary condescension for someone else, diabetes runs in my family.

{UPD} Oh, and this is from the same thread, just because I missed it the first time around:

“who doesn’t like to dance around naked? we should all be able to do it without any rules or judgment or without having invited physical assault on ourselves.” {bolding is mine}

Uh… There are people out there who “invite”‘ sexual assault upon themselves, really? Dirty skank shouldn’t have been shaking her booty if she didn’t want to get raped, really? Such language is being tolerated on a feminist blog, yeah?

Well, as we all know by now, that it’s OK to denigrate and dehumanize some women. It’s OK to blame the victim in some cases. We’ve been there before.

You go girls.

18 thoughts on “I breathe fire and doom upon you all!

  1. oh. Twisty again. she’s like Paglia’s quasi-radfem twin. with horse. –right, I knew there was a reason the phrase “out to pasture” kept leaping to mind. whatevs.

  2. “Ai! ai!” wailed Legolas. “Bart’s penis! Bart’s penis is come!”

    That cracked me up.

  3. I liked what Sarah said (in the post in that’s linked in the trackback right above this comment):

    “…I don’t give a shit who you are and how much Dworkin you’ve read, it’s not my miniskirt’s fault that men rape.”

    “…And if women have no agency under patriarchy and can’t make their own decisions, how the fuck are you so enlightened?”

    I mean, let’s face it, ladies, some of those people are just better. More honourable, more wise. Funny how they feel the need to reach out and actively insult those who don’t really insult them, unprovoked (I won’t hear any crap about “but we get insulted for the way we look all the time” – because while that’s usually a 100% true statement, we are discussing matters internal to feminism now, and I’d like to know where someone like me, or Sarah J, or Ren has gone out of their way to insult someone who didn’t buy into mainstream fashion, etc.).

    I guess for them, the mere existence of fun feminists is justification enough.

    Which is sad and pathetic. I mean, look:

    “Oh, and so-called “Fun feminists” are either clueless or totally colluding with the enemy for personal gain.”

    Like I said in my post below – it’s just another collective mentality.

  4. yep, cause you know, slut shaming and victim blaming isn’t colluding at all, and some person over there just made some crack about how we boil it down to “pretty girls vs. mean girls”, then went on to say something about how we must be jealous ’cause Twisty’s blog is so popular and stuff!

    Since I’m a “colluder” anyway, I take this moment to quote Ice-T: “Bitch, please.”


  5. I wish I had money like Twisty does (student loan debt and all – and NO, having money for that stuff is not a bad thing in today’s world; all you can do is you do what you must, as Bob Dylan said). But if I had a readership like Twisty, I’d fight the temptation to hang myself on my own stockings.

  6. I won’t hear any crap about “but we get insulted for the way we look all the time” –

    frankly. Did -I- insult you for the way you look? No? Then, fuck off. Take it to the source, you coward.

    “my name is Les, and that -ain’t my mess-” (thanks to Veronica)

  7. and yes, I am just jealous. I’m about to start school again and move to my favorite city in the whole world, oh, and I have what I need from online in various ways, thanks; but what I really want is Twisty’s readership. this would make my life complete. because my own little commentariat would really benefit from a groundswell of people like Ashley and ginmar and…

  8. oh, and I’m far more a mean girl than a pretty girl. I just think: if you’re going to be mean, it’s kind of weak to only direct it against people you think are safe targets, much less claim it’s in the name of some ffs Revolution.

  9. Yeah, pretty bad. EEEeeeeyuuckk.

    I just wanna know how one can enlist in patriarchal armies (obviously for the purpose of fighting patriarchal wars), and/or inherit patriarchal cowboy ranches from dad, and still consider oneself a super-duper, politically-correct radfem? HUH?

    See, back in the day, the radical feminism -I- was part of in the 70s (that they think they are upholding so grandly)???? Two of the biggest mouths over there would have been unequivocally run out of MY feminist collective as running-dog imperialist lackey male-identified capitalist reactionaries (etc) for the aforementioned transgressions.

    This bullshit posturing just proves how far removed they were from the real thing. Because, seriously, they wouldn’t even QUALIFY. Piffle!

    And I haven’t even discussed all the foodie-ism and how bourgeois that is.

    I’m just sayin. 😀

  10. Oh, but hold up…Ginmar’s hanging out with someone with as much bank as Twisty…yet she complains about Ren having a college degree??

    Oh…and would it be so possible if they would make up their minds??? I mean, either men are responsible for their own actions when it comes to rape, or it’s all porn’s fault (even for the 99.998% of men who view porn who manage not to do any harm onto women at all)…can’t have it both ways, you know.

    Orrrrrrrr….maybe if we all would get rid of all the push-up bras, thongs, midriff-baring blouses, hot pants, low-rider, but-hugging jeans, platform shoes, and all those other evil tools that incite the male lust to such out-of-control extremes, then maybe men would actually respect women more and not get those evil erections.

    Yeah. Right.


    This is the political getting just a bit too personal…..and vice versa.

  11. Criminy, that probably did sound condescending.
    The only superiority I’m speaking from is one of age. I’ve watched three generations of women struggle with this question. It makes me sad to see another one.

  12. maybe if we all would get rid of all the push-up bras, thongs, midriff-baring blouses, hot pants, low-rider, but-hugging jeans, platform shoes, and all those other evil tools that incite the male lust to such out-of-control extremes, then maybe men would actually respect women more and not get those evil erections.

    If we got rid of all that, I’d learn to sew and make myself those low-rider butt-hugging jeans.

    I’m not so concerned about those ev0l men who get those ev0l erections. The 0.002% who hassle me (well its more than that, but … maybe … 1%, which a considerable pain, but…)? There going to hassle me no matter what I wear. It’s a shame that that simple fact has to be repeated over and over to the twisty gang.

    (I think I’ll stop using ‘radfem’, too broad a brush, I’ve talked with some radical feminists in person and they were not anything like ginmar or twisty, besides I don’t think that the twisty gang are very radical anyway…more like reactionary.)

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