Hexy Gets Angry

And the results are here. Please read.

All of this has me wondering, why does Heart get to initiate a tug-of-war between s e x workers and prostituted women? I mean, both exist. Both need and deserve help and the basic rights that are routinely denied to them by a society of sexists and s l u t-shamers. Who is Heart to say, “these concerns are important, these aren’t”?

I don’t comment over at Heart’s, because she censors and edits her commenters. She claims she does it for everyone’s own good, but I find that both control-freakish and extremely patronizing. Adult women don’t need den mothers. At the very least, I certainly do not.

So, I’m going to say this right here:

Heart, you’re not Every Woman, and you don’t get to decide. Hexy has every right to be pissed off at you. And no, it’s not because she’s a patriarchy-pleasing dumb little fembot who doesn’t know what’s good for her.

All women matter. Both the ones who agree with you, and the ones who don’t.

P.S. And way to go in accusing Saorla of being an evil sexpat, Heart. Some of us happen to know this woman, and have been corresponding with her for a very long time. Are you really this unintelligent or do you merely want to throw some dung and see if it sticks?

“I’m getting better and better at recognizing people like you” – Cancer Man from the X-Files called. He wants his creepy shtick back.

6 thoughts on “Hexy Gets Angry

  1. When I first encountered Heart’s blog a couple of years ago I really wasn’t sure at first if it was real or a totally committed parody in the vein of the now abandoned, but still funny, “Bush Is Hitler” blog (bushishitler.wordpress.com).

    I did participate in a few posts, and she did treat me fairly and published most of my comments. I do remember there being other guys posting comments, but they were always very odd… like they were asking Heart for forgiveness and absolution.

    Back then she and a few of her dedicated followers got into a comment-war for a few days with Puddle Jumper, a blogging friend of mine. After day three or so PJ was pulling her hair out at the bizarre comments and the moderation and editing… I finally asked her to just pull back for a day and understand that it’s Heart’s blog and she can do and say anything she wants on it, the blog was about Heart, not PJ.

    I found there was a consistency to the level of her anger that bordered on the paranormal which made it impossible to ever finish one of her longer posts. There’s also something about blogs with 1200 word rants and no paragraph breaks that make me want to never go back…

  2. I think that’s a good point you make, Gabriel, Heart’s blog is about her – and that is all it’s about. It’s not about women’s rights or liberation or any of the other things she claims – it’s not about all the women on the earth as she likes to tell us it is. It’s about Heart and Heart having her ego boosted by her little gang of radfems who have not yet seen the light. And it’s about Heart getting to be a control freak and act like she is the One True Voice of feminism, which I think deep down even she knows she isn’t.

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