LOL @ McCain/Palin

SNL gets it right.

Palin doesn’t even know what the Bush Doctrine is, that much should be obvious to everyone in America right now. The punditry saying things like, “well, you know, I bet the average hockey mom doesn’t know what the Bush Doctrine is either, so why should it matter?” is disingenuous and dumb.

Would these very same hockey moms accept their kids’ science teacher not knowing what an atom is? NO.

Because, and I really hate the fact that I feel the need to keep repeating this, I don’t need to RELATE to the average politician, I need them to be able to DO THEIR JOB. Knowing precisely what the foreign policy of the outgoing administration are is a pretty big part of said job. The fact that Russia can *omigod* be seen from an island in Alaska is NOT going to substitute for that. What’s next? I’ve seen, uh, Saudi Arabia from a plane once. I guess I am uniquely qualified to negotiate with the House of Saud. Who knew?

Great choice, John McCain.

*slow, painful clap*

18 thoughts on “LOL @ McCain/Palin

  1. WoW, you seem so easily fooled by media propaganda. Think about it, your whole basis for not liking Sarah Palin is because of a comedy skit from SNL?? LoL

    I bet you believe that Bush controls oil prices and that Bush created Hurricane Katrina too! LoL

    The current US congress is Democrat controlled and has the lowest approval rating in US history at 9% just last month. Do you actually know how laws are passed?

    The sad part is that you are comparing the qualifications of the GOP VP candidate to the Democrat candidate for President. LoL

    Think about it, a community organizer for his racist pastor’s church?? High school students are community organizers.

  2. Ooh! “American” is talking! Children, gather ’round!

    My “whole” basis for disliking Palin’s candidacy is not based on an SNL skit (if only it were so), though it’s amazing how much SNL gets right whereas our toothless media refuses to demand our potential leaders actually answer for themselves. Gibson is like a kitty-cat next to someone like Paxman (would be nice if we could get the latter on loan).

    Obama is much smarter and better qualified than Palin. As for Bush “controlling” oil prices – boy, are you ever on the wrong blog.

  3. Natalia…pay no attention to the right-wing troll behind the curtain. He’s just doing what comes naturally to him.

    Sarah Quayle Palin is just your typical Repub flame thrower who’s only “qualification” for public office — let alone for the Vice Presidency of the United States — is to fling shit at Obama and shore up McBush/McReagan/McBombVietnameseLightFactory’s right-wing loony base.

    Oh…and for Mr. “America”: you do know that that “Democrat-controlled” Congress managed to give your favorite President everything he wanted, from blank checks for warmongering in Iraq and Afghanistan to surrendering FISA and wiretapping liberals….errrrrrrrr, terrorists and other threats to “American security”…all without even worrying about where bin Laden is, too. Maybe that might have something to do with their low ratings??

    And BTW?? Bush’s ratings aren’t nearly as rosy either, barely at 30%.

    Nice try, though, troll…..maybe you could try pushing that at Feminist Anonymist; she might be willing to swallow it.


  4. Oh God,

    American is such a loser.

    Democracy in America has become one gigantic farce and this was the point that Natalia was trying to make. I’m going to ahead and go further.

    I don’t wan’t my president to be some populist idiot who went to some shitty mid-western college and then became a hockey mum. I want an intellectual powerhouse with strong executive experience and who is a member of the elitist cabal. I don’t want some dumb redneck running the country, the country can’t afford it, the world can’t afford it.

    If the American people want to vote in somebody on the basis of being able to relate to said person, then I weep for the American people.

  5. I’m not comfortable with the idea that redneck = bad. Either than that, no, I don’t want someone I can “relate” to or have a couple of beers with. I want them to be able to do their job. Properly. Without being coached by Karl Rove on every single little thing.

  6. “I’m not comfortable with the idea that redneck = bad.”

    Thanks Nat 🙂

    And yeah, I don’t want someone I’d like to have a couple beers with running the free world. Not that Bush or Palin would qualify in any case because if I’m going to drink I want people who can provide me with interesting conversation. Having a beer with Christopher Hitchens would be a start.

    I want a president who makes me, a relatively bright and well-informed guy, look like an uninformed moron in comparison. I give the Clintons a lot of grief but it was so nice to have a president who could pronounce the names of other countries, and, you know, actually KNEW what was going on in them. And had a basic sense of how economics worked. Palin has to be a low point of western democratic tradition. We all think Caligula was crazy for making his horse consul (well, and about a million other things, but, you know). Yet we picked a person for leader of the free world who gleefully admits that they don’t know shit about the issues in the upcoming election and ran a town about as big as a mid-sized college. A horse may be a step up.

  7. “FACT! Obama’s father is a Muslim from Kenya!”

    Teh scary towel-head from teh scary continent full of BLACK PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am sick and tired of “Muslim” being used as a slur in this campaign.

    McCarthy is alive and well. First it was the commies, now it’s the Green Scare.

    The logic, as usual, doesn’t even compute: trying to paint Obama as a fundo Muslim in one breath and the most liberal of liberals in the other is DUMB.

    Fundamentalist Muslims Are. Not. Liberal. AT ALL. Makes me wonder if you people have ever MET a Muslim, conservative or otherwise.

    This is just a long way of telling you that this video sucks, Hillary.

  8. $1.5 trillion mess forced upon American tax payers by the CEOs of Fannie May and Freddie Mac are economic advisers to Barack Obama. In addition, Obama is the “largest recipient of political funds from mortgage giants Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae.”

    Think about it, just look how Obama’s economic advisers, CEOs Franklin Raines and James Johnson, ran Fannie and Freddie into the ground. This whilst forcing more debt, in the trillions, upon tax payers meaning higher taxes for Americans.

    The Democrat controlled congress just helped in causing this financial meltdown. Before the Democrats controlled congress the US economy was strong, but ever since then the economy has been heading downwards.

    The Democrats control all branches of government except the executive branch. Do we really need more of the same Democrat agenda? Do Americans really want more socialism that creates bigger government, more government spending, and higher taxes that ultimately gives more control of government over the people??

    How often do you think a lawyer turn preacher politician lies?

  9. Uh, debt? The debt that apparently has nothing AT ALL to do with the war in Iraq? That debt?

    Yeah, the Democrats gave Bush a pass for that one, and they’re still paying for it.

    Obama was against the war. I’m voting Obama. End of story.

  10. Bush had to face the terrorist acts on 9/11 during the beginning of his Presidency because of what the Democratic administration have been doing for 8 years. Government is not just run by the executive branch. The legislative branch has a lot of power regarding government actions.

    You can only make decisions based on what information you have available. After 9/11 official sources from the UN, NATO and the CIA concluded that Iraq had developed weapons of mass destruction and harboring terrorists.

    At the time about 83% of Americans supported going into Iraq, and 88% of Americans supported going into Afghanistan.

    In addition, 1 in 20 jobs in the US are affected by military spending meaning that 15 million families in the US would lose their jobs. Think about how that will effect the rest of the economy.

    Obama said he supports “taking the fight to Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan.”
    “More coalition forces have died in Afghanistan than in Iraq in May, June and so far in July.”

  11. Oh dear, Jacob, military spending is one thing. The war in Iraq is something else entirely.

    We were stupid to support that war. All of us, democrat, republican, independent – whatever. We need to own up to it. I have, personally. I was only 18 when it happened, but I was defeatist. I didn’t think there was a point in speaking out. I just knew that there would be carnage, and we would watch it on our screens, and history would enter a new chapter, and that would be it. I didn’t care enough. I was afraid of someone calling me an ungrateful immigrant, at the time.

    And the Valerie Plame scandal pretty much confirmed for me that yes, some people DID know it was all a farce.

    Think about it this way – all the shouting our government has done about the Russia/Georgia thing? Total hypocrisy. The U.S. has lost the moral highground all over again.

    I wish I was more like the people who did speak up. Pretty or not. 😦

    We STILL haven’t caught Osama Bin Laden. Yet thousands of people have died in Iraq – most of them innocents: locals and U.S. troops.

  12. Please. Drumming up fear of the Other on this blog is not going to get you any new converts.

    If you want to talk about the REAL Osama, why not ask the Republicans how come he’s still out there?

  13. Clearly McCain’s choice of Palin was pandering for votes. (Or was it Rove’s choice?)

    The problem with voting in a republican for president now is that you end up with the same old codgers runing things. Rove, Cheney and Rumsfeld have been crawling back into power since they cut their teeth in the Nixon admin.

    Palin is nothing more than a cheerleader. So let’s go out and win one for the gippers!.. I mean codgers…

    The question is; Will we loose the codgers to attrition before they manage to destroy democracy? Oh, I forgot,.. We don’t live in a democracy, we live in a republic.

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