Oh look, an election in Ukraine, AGAIN

And as for me, I’m farking tired of the Western media kissing Yuschenko’s “pro-Western” bum.

You people will not stop until Ukraine is torn to shreds, right?

That’s all.

2 thoughts on “Oh look, an election in Ukraine, AGAIN

  1. Who is “you people” ?
    And why would it be torn to shreds?
    I’m biased towards Ms Tymoshenko I don’t care much about her politics she’s hawt.

  2. What can I say about Ukraine’s President, Viktor Yushchenko? He has got to be the worst choice of a head of state possible. He claims he is “democratic, yet nearly every policy and action he undertakes is anti-democratic.

    He has destabilized Ukraine, undermined its parliamentary governance and he has now dismissed his second parliament in just over one year.

    Recent public opinion polls show Yushchenko and his party “Our Ukraine” with less than 5%support down from 14% last year.

    If fresh elections are held there is every chance that his party may even drop below the 3% threshold required to secure representation.

    So what is his game play and why has he betrayed those people that helped get him elected during the so called Orange revolution?

    Yushchenko defies logic and common sense.

    In August Yushchenko tried to embroil Ukraine in the conflict between Russia and Georgia without thinking about the consequences or giving any consideration to the fact that the aggression was initiated and provoked by the Georgian government.

    When Yulia Tymoshenko refused to support Yushchenko’s ill-considered statements he then accused the Prime Minister of High Treason and instructed the Ukrainian Security service SBU to prosecute her. On investigation they found that there was no evidence to support Yushchenko’s allegations. Yushchenko should have been impeachment for his ill considered actions.

    I have been watching Ukraine’s political development closely since 2002 and would rank the pro-presidential parties just below the communists party and marginally above the fanatic extreme minor parties that did not receive more then 1% of the national vote.

    Yushchenko has divided Ukraine and acted against its best interest, undermining its economic and democratic development.

    The Presidential system has failed Ukraine.

    If anyone should be facing re-election it is the President.

    If Ukraine wants to be a part of Europe then it should look to Europe for its guidance and it should adopt a parliamentary system of governance in line with other European states.

    Ukraine deserve better.

    The sooner Yushchenko is ousted from office and fresh Presidential elections held the better off Ukraine will be.

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