More creepiness from Carolina: dead bear cub covered with Obama signs

Once again, my state continues to shock me. Is this a threat? Someone’s idea of a stupid, sick joke?

First a reporter getting kicked at Elon, and now an animal shot to death, with Obama signs acting like some sort of funeral shroud.

Meanwhile, someone has sent in this postcard to PostSecret. Is this also a threat? An expression of dread? Dread for whom or what, though?

This election is equal parts hope and fear. And yes, I blame both McCain and Palin for helping stoke that fear. For implying and, in Palin’s case, pretty much saying, “look, there’s this boogeyman out there, there is this creature, this terrorist, and something must be done about it.” I think they knew exactly what they were doing. And now the entire thing is spinning out of control, but their precious fee-fees are hurt over being compared to George farking Wallace.

What about Obama’s family? What are they feeling right now? When someone you love is being presented as a terrorist, are someone who must practically be culled from society, and those being reaching out to have heard the dog-whistle loud and clear, what do you do with that?

8 thoughts on “More creepiness from Carolina: dead bear cub covered with Obama signs

  1. Well let’s hope nothing happens to Obama but don’t look surprised if he does get assasinated.
    Americans should know by know that non of there political leaders are safe.
    Thats why when the US president visits they have a litteral security bubble around them.
    They close down entire cities and block access with snipers on rooftops.

  2. Supposedly an Obama volunteer got physically rough with someone the other day. Now all the GOP bloggers are like “OMG LOOK AT HOW CRAZY THESE PEOPLE ARE THEY’RE LIKE ANIMALS”* while ignoring the kristallnacht-lite atmosphere that the McCain campaign has created. It’s like talking about how dangerous the girlscouts are compared to the crips.

    *Also, sure they love being able to pretend they mean this about demos instead of black people.

  3. That was an appalling act. I am dumbfounded. It appears the base of the Republican party has woke up. Its not a base of support i would be proud of, but exactly who Sarah Palin appeals too. I’m disgusted.

    I spend a few months of the year in your state. The state I know would not do this. Its a little scary if you ask me.

  4. RE: Durendal’s comment about reports of a black man assaulting a female McCain supporter.

    I haven’t read any of the actual reports relating this story, but I did see a Google reference to it which reference comments made on the blog “Pandagon.”

    I wonder if this story was made from whole cloth by GOP operatives and planted in the media just before the election, or, if the story is based on any actual incident at all, I wonder if the assailant was hired by the GOP to stage this incident in order for it to be spread by the media.

    At this point in the election campaign, I would expect that all Obama supporters, especially African-Americans, would be at pains to refrain from any behavior toward McCain supporters that could be used to fuel support for McCain. So that leads me to suspect that either this whole story is bogus or that the incident, if it occurred, was staged by GOP operatives.

    I would have to read the actual reports before passing a verdict. But the whole story sounds bogus to me.

  5. UPDATE to Durendal’s comment about news reports of a black man assaulting a female McCain supporter:

    The report has been proven to be false, according to police in Pittsburgh, PA, where the assault allegedly took place.

    Ashley Todd, the alleged victim, confessed to police that her entire report was false, and that she herself had cut the “B” on her cheek which she had previously alleged was cut by her supposed assailant.

    Pittsburgh police believe that Ashley Todd might be mentally ill, and that no one appears to have put her up to making this false report.

    Details can be found in the Yahoo! AP report written by Joe Mandak, entitled, “Police: McCain volunteer made up robbery story,” dated October 24, 2008, at 3:08 p.m. EDT.

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