More creepiness from Carolina: dead bear cub covered with Obama signs

Once again, my state continues to shock me. Is this a threat? Someone’s idea of a stupid, sick joke? First a reporter getting kicked at Elon, and now an animal shot to death, with Obama signs acting like some sort of funeral shroud. Meanwhile, someone has sent in this postcard to PostSecret. Is this alsoContinue reading “More creepiness from Carolina: dead bear cub covered with Obama signs”

Abu Ghraib should damn well haunt us…

Daisy has posted something you really ought to read: on Abu Ghraib, on our national nightmares, and even with some commentary on radical feminism thrown in the mix. When I read that, all I could think was “I just want to go back.” But to what, exactly? Has there even been a time in thisContinue reading “Abu Ghraib should damn well haunt us…”

…Into Shadow

“This is war, Peacock.” – Clue. You know those old westerns, or those new space westerns, wherein the intrepid hero walks into a saloon or bar and all eyes turn to him? When everyone is waiting for the hero to do something stupid – such as order a glass of milk or fail to kissContinue reading “…Into Shadow”