“You Can Vote However You Like”

Do any of these kids want an honourary parent? A roadie? Someone to press their uniforms? I haven’t the faintest as to how to do any of that, but I can learn.


And thanks to Aseel for the link.

4 thoughts on ““You Can Vote However You Like”

  1. Yeah I totally fell in love with them to. I think it is great to get kids involved in the political process early. It is the best way to teach them civic responsibility.

  2. It’s kind of sad that Americans seem very engaged but there choices or there democratic control once they elect a person into office is so limited.
    The U.S. elections are basically a illusion of control over the individual American’s destiny.
    Only by having a more direct democracy or a democracy that works from a parliamentary majority can things really change for the better in the USA.
    Natalia can you answer why both presidential candidates in the election care so much about “working together”?
    I do not understand what this obsession is with reaching a consensus, in a healthy democracy you never reach a consensus.
    You make policy based on what is possible electorally.
    Say the Greens have 12 seats and the Christian Democrats have 40 and Labour has 33.
    Then together they form a majority but for the 12 seat Greens to join you need to give them some concession on actual policy.
    That is much healthier then this desire expressed by both political candidates that they have to agree on everything.
    And come together as one.
    If you look at US media..you even get the impression that not agreeing is some kind of major sin.

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