The wind is rattling the windows again. It’s colder in our neighbourhood, up on the hills, higher than the center. We are up near Batiy’s Mountain, as they call it, a place where some warlord named Batiy once came and pitched his tent to survey the city below him.

And on quiet nights around here, you can still feel Batiy’s eyes on your retreating back.

But earlier in the day, we weren’t thinking about any of that, we were just glad for the snow.


Grinning like a fool. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Snow-beaten

  1. A friends of mine said they looked forward to the first snow fall, not just because is white and beautiful but because it hides the cracks in the road and covers all the rubbish. It it was not for the extreme cold Ukraine would be a real hell hole and breeding ground for all kinds of viruses. Sometimes it feels like you are living in a tip. But after a while you tend to not see the amount of rubbish that fills the rivers and lines the streets and parks. The snow gives cover and helps you see the more splendid things that do exist – the monestries and churches and the sounds of their bells. Even if it is just a cover.

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