Wrong Colour! Bad Fringe! But Bush is Out! And Kiev is Great!

My hair colour looked great, except the roots had begun to yellow. I went in to get it fixed, and the hairdresser said, “we will have to go a little bit darker.” No problem, right? WRONG.

... there appears to be someone trying to make an ass out of me
... there appears to be someone trying to make an ass out of me

The hair is brown, brown, brown, the fringe is huge, huge, huge, and I am attempting to drown my sorrows with good Ukrainian beer. Since I went home shortly after my hair was ruined and all.

I told my brother that we must look serious, and tragic, as hair has been ruined for at least a few weeks. The result was this:

"tell me that joke about Yuschenko and the three litres of gasoline again!"
"tell me that joke about Yuschenko and the three litres of gasoline again!"

I guess we’re just too happy about Bush finally being done and all. If only Victor Yuschenko would get hip to the exciting trend.

Kiev is nice and snowy. My father’s 55th is this Saturday, and my mother and I shopped for presents today in eerily empty stores. I even found an eerily cheap shoulderbag, but decided to save my money for the time being. More money – more beer.

On the Obama inauguration, please see Renee Martin, Kyla Pasha, and Sarah Jaffe – who was there.

10 thoughts on “Wrong Colour! Bad Fringe! But Bush is Out! And Kiev is Great!

  1. i think it looks good, actually…having hair envy and everything…

    then again, after trial and error and all, I know I am destined to have black hair, and any variation from said black looks like crap 😉

  2. Yea, I’m with the rest, quite cute.

    So you don’t trust Jordanian salon-keepers to get the blond quite right? 😉 I have a Romanian friend who does perfect blond cheap. You never have to worry about her giving you a weird neck massage, either.

  3. Thanks! I just think that the fringe should cover a bit less of my forehead. Today I managed to wrangle it in place with the help of a blow-dryer. Must invest in one first thing when I get back to Jordan.

    This is actually the first time that my hair colour has been screwed up – so I think I’ll let this one pass. 😀

  4. What’s the matter with brown, eh? The brunettes of the world want to know. 😛

    The fringe makes you look a bit emo. Perhaps now would be a good time to start blogging in the tradition of the “woe is wymymkind! the patriarchy ran over my cat with its great big manly car!” fembloggers…. >;-)

  5. I think brown is really great, I just don’t know if it’s great on me. All of my aunties have been pulling me aside and saying that I look great with darker hair in the colder month, and blonder hair in the warmer ones, so they might be on to something.

    The fringe might be a little bit on the emo side, but a huge arsenal of unfiltered beer probably spoils that image pretty quick. 😀

  6. back in Kyiv?! Lucky you 🙂 It’s not so totally brown as on the photo. With change of my hair color I did change my attitude in some ways too, wonder if you observe the same

  7. I was only in town for a few days, but it was a glorious few days. The hair has actually gone lighter, as advertised (they told me that it would do so over a few days, hence the need for an initially darker colour, but hairdressers always say that to me, and this is the first time it has proven to be true). So I’m happy. 😀 Change in attitude to the positive, definitely.

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