On Rape, Catholicism, and Priorities – AGAIN

Boy, why does this story look so familiar?

So those who helped secure an abortion for a NINE-YEAR-OLD are bad, evil people. Meanwhile, I haven’t exactly heard that the RAPIST of said nine-year-old has been excommunicated. I mean, why should he? He was just helping the little girl fullfill her duty as a human vessel! Sheesh, don’t be so hard on the wee wittle rapist.

My own Eastern Orthodox church is, sadly, no more intelligent on the subject. It’s one of the reasons I choose not to go to services, to be honest. These people who would force a rape victim give birth, whilst crowing about the “sanctity of life” (whose life? Certainly not the girl’s) no less – honestly? They just get off on the rape. They get off on forced impregnation. They get off on the idea of a female body as this kind of thing – this sinful, but delightfully pliant thing that can be twisted this way and that in their gnarly hands, and torn apart in a hundred different ways, for the “glory” of God, supposedly.

These people are sick. I pity them.

P.S. For more about this on Feministe – go here and here.

P.P.S. I’ve been thinking about this today, and I have to say – why not just hearken back to your roots and admit that you hate women? Just get back to your element. Don’t worry your pretty heads about making the hatred palatable anymore. No matter how many times you roll a turd in sugar – a turd remains a turd.

3 thoughts on “On Rape, Catholicism, and Priorities – AGAIN

  1. As a male, may I agree with everything said in this post about the story itself, and the mind set that lies behind it.

    Hatred of women is as loathsome as any blanket hatred. It makes us search for otherness and then condemn that otherness as a mark of inferiority.

    Understanding and coming to terms with our differences is the only thing that can draw us to a better appreciation of our common humanity, which gives us much more in common than anything which might divide us.

    Let this travesty of the Divine will in the world be a lesson to us all in our capacity to bend higher aspirations to fuel petty human hatreds.


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