A Candle for Angie Zapata

A quick heads up, if you haven’t heard – jury selection in the murder trial of Angie Zapata, who is believed to have been murdered simply for being trans, started yesterday. Please see more details at Questioning Transphobia.

If you have a Facebook account, you can become a fan of her Facebook page.

Angie Zapata is just one of the many victims of this particularly insiduous brand of hate – hate that’s usually covered with snickering and disgust in various media outlets that continue to strip trans folk of their dignity even in death. It needs to be noted that many people like Angie live with the fear of being murdered, and that this fear is reflective of today’s reality. So light a candle for Angie, however big or small.

P.S. Lo and behold, another murder – this one back home in North Carolina. The victim’s name was Imaje Devera and the killing is being investigated as a hate-crime.

6 thoughts on “A Candle for Angie Zapata

  1. interesting … not exactly the first thing that pops in my head when i think of a blog post for someone in jordan … i wonder

  2. I’m sure that someone’s going to show up and lecture me on “corrupting the Jordanian cultural landscape” soon enough, Bam. Thing is – this is an international blog and a feminist blog. And a crazy blog – but that’s a whole other story.

    Anti-trans violence is a huge problem in the States, and elsewhere. Not only is it not going away, people still feel entitled to treat this horrific aspect of our society as some kind of joke.

  3. International blogs ftw

    Closer to home, afaik anti-trans violence is a huge problems in some areas in the Middle East. A trans person has been murdered once every 15 days in Turkey since November. That’s appalling.

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