Eurovision, Poetry and Sangria

A big congratulations to Norway’s Alexander Rybak and his lovely, playful “Fairytale” – a huge Eurovision win. Sasha was born in Belarus and speaks Russian as well as Norwegian. I still think that Sweden should have done much better, but “Fairytale” works on so many levels that it’s hard to fault anyone for voting for Norway.

In other work-related links, please hop on over to read David King’s “Estuary Sands, 11:00.” It’s the type of leisurely poem that sneaks up on you and makes your heart beat faster.

Finally – while I give props to the beauty of the Spanish countryside, I have decided that there is simply no better place to drink sangria than in Kiev, in May, under the stars.

3 thoughts on “Eurovision, Poetry and Sangria

  1. This was the best Eurovision in years. The song quality was high, less time wasting and less of the dreaded tactical voting.

    I was surprised Sweden and Malta didn’t do better.

    Here’s hoping they get Morten Harket to present next year’s awards again.

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