Monday Music: the smoky new hair edition

Because I don’t own a decent digital camera, I can’t quite do justice to the efforts of 3+ hours at the hairdresser’s today. One of these days I’ll write an ode to Amman’s Toni & Guy. People tell me it’s clichéd to go there, but, for a year and a half now, my hair has been happy in their hands. Happy hair is already a rarity, but today’s hair is practically ecstatic, on account of it being a subtle blend of brown, blond, red and even a bit of lilac.

I might as well look good, since I am exhausted. So exhausted that I could almost cry a little. It’s a good kind of fatigue, stemming from accomplishment as opposed to futile thrashing (you know the kind), but that doesn’t make the buzz in my head or the tenderness of my eyelids any more bearable. Articles came in late (though they were all great – and I suggest you check out our latest update on the Iran election turmoil). The cat decided to give us the happy surprise of diarrhea. My brother will not stop asking in-depth questions about various side-quests in Oblivion. My lover is stuck in perpetual frowny-face mode.

So for the first song, we need to go to John Lennon, to those evenings I spent lying on the floor of my bedroom in the winter, as lazy, sleepy clouds moved outside the window, and there was such stillness in my chest that you could hear individual blood cells knock against each other (maybe):

I’m So Tired – the Beatles
Itchycoo Park – the Small Faces
Nochi i Dni – Okean Elzy
Valentine – the Replacements
Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Too Long – Daft Punk
Baker Baker – Tori Amos
Street Spirit (Fade Out) – Radiohead
Promises – Eric Clapton
Germany to Germany – Ratatat

Now, because this is a hair-themed post, here is a famous hair band, doing what they do best:

And here is my own hair, as underdocumented by PhotoBooth:


Not quite as awesome as the dudes of Danger Danger, but then again, we can’t all be winners.

10 thoughts on “Monday Music: the smoky new hair edition

  1. Oh my God Nat, your eyes!! Nice hair, but your eyes!!! Showd this picture to a guy at the office and he busts out with: “she has eyes like a prophet.”

    Now that I think about things, you really do. Giving me shivers, lol.

  2. Nothing special. Only a real desperate Arab man would go for this. Arab women are classierer and more refined! So sorry! Hope you don’t cry..!

  3. Now that’s what I call a power ballad. I was very nearly waving my lighter in the air.

  4. You’ll be crying on the inside, though. We all know you only run this place with a view to attracting Arab men. Nil desperandum, though: I’m sure that with practice and effort you’ll become classierer.

  5. Ha, I know you’ve had impressive trolls in the past but this lot are just sad. You run this site to attract Arab men?? You have a strange way of going about it… ^_^

  6. Hold your water there, Dana; I think you misunderstand me. Nat and I were enjoying one another’s sarcasm before she went to Duke, so I think I’m permitted to exercise just a little at the expense of her detractors. Perhaps I didn’t signpost my intentions clearly enough, but I’m not over-fond of smilies.


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