I love champagne on the park bench as the sun goes down

…Just in case you had any doubt.

I don’t know what’s been up with me and champagne while out “in nature” as of late. Quarter-life crisis? The abundance of good-weather afternoons with golden sunsets spilling out over the tops of trees? The straight-up bloody privilege of being able to imbibe without someone else’s judgmental stares and worse?

All of the above?

2 thoughts on “I love champagne on the park bench as the sun goes down

  1. You reminded me of drinking champagne in the pitch black sitting on a swing with a dude, deciding we didn’t really like it after a few sips and throwing the bottle over the field.

    Let’s drink to our champagne memories, shall we Euro Trash? 😉 xx

  2. My best champagne moment was New Year’s eve back in Baku, when me and two other girlfriends sneaked a jar of Beluga caviar, a bottle of champagne, plastic cups and silver teaspoons into the Hyatt Regency spa; and got into the jacuzzi. The combination was just great- warm jacuzzi bubbles and cold champagne ones! Safety-shmeyfeti! LOL

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