Me on Natalia Estemirova’s murder, others on more of the same

Do Natalia Estemirova’s killers feel like big, strong men?

And on other murdered women:

Questioning Transphobia on the murder of Kamilla (Lisa quoted me, so this could see like more shameless self-promotion, and for that, I apologize).

Muslimah Media Watch on the murder of Marwa el-Sherbini, stabbed to death in a German courtroom because she dared to take her racist thug of a neighbour to court, and the subsequent coverage or lack thereof.

Caledoniyya on recent honour killings.

Also, please note that the Lateisha Green murder trial is ongoing. Visit the Justice for Teish Green Facebook page for more information.

I wish I had a happier link round-up for you folks today, but it’s just not happening, not with all of the stark raving horror out there in the world.

3 thoughts on “Me on Natalia Estemirova’s murder, others on more of the same

  1. Yes, this world can be an ugly place.

    On the funnier note, have you heard ( I am sure you have) that Ukraine banned the new Sacha Baron Cohen movie- Bruno? So that it would not corrupt Ukrainian morals? I thought it was quite funny. I would rather expect back home
    (Azerbaijan) to ban it, not Ukraine…But I guess, you never know!

  2. I think it’s a DUMB idea to ban it. People will just download it illegally anyway, so no real harm done. If anything, this ban will only inspire more teenagers to obtain the film in one capacity or another.

  3. Just finished watching “twelve”…
    found you by googling twelve and
    mikhalkov. What an incredible film.
    My wife thinks its an apt parody of
    fox (faux) news and its following.
    Boys dance was moving as was the symbolism of the russian heart (the bird) badly abused, barely visible but
    powerful and strong once the blinders
    (poor analogy) are removed.

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