8 thoughts on “Thank you, Adam Sandler, for expressing so eloquently that which I cannot

  1. I have only seen ‘The Wedding Singer’ once but I remember thinking what I great film it was, especially the bit with Billy Idol on the plane :).

    Hmm…do we need to play ’email tag’ and bitch about boys over a litre tub of ice-cream? (yes I know there’s the whole ‘separate continent’ thing but I am pretty sure there’s a tub of Ben and Jerry’s in my freezer begging to be sacrificed – we can indulge simultaneously).

    If so you are very welcome to email me via my blogger profile.

  2. You poor darling. Hope the pain fades swiftly and smoothly. Much playing of The Cardigans in order, methinks, to ease the catharsis 🙂

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