Monday Music: the gospel of Ebba Grön edition

It’s a post-Gogolfest Monday, and I’m wrung out. My body is sore from dancing, brain sore from stimulation, throat sore for screaming songs outside. I do, however, have a new love, and this would be the old Swedish punk band Ebba Grön. I found out about them when talking to a friend about all great things that also happen to be Swedish. I would love to be able to get some of their lyrics translated, because right now I am mostly digging the way they sound, not being able to speak Swedish and all (it’s among one of my many faults, I’m afraid). Their Wikipedia page says that this one time, their bassist totally fought back against a neo-Nazi with his bass. It rarely gets more awesome than that.

Det Måste Vara Radion – Ebba Grön
Same In Any Language – I Nine
Fa-Fa-Fa – Datarock
Kosili Mi Sino – Soncekliosh
Sun King – the Beatles
Crossroads – Cowboy Junkies
Hold Music – Architecture in Helsinki
Got My Mojo Working – Muddy Waters
Same Shirt, Different Day – Tin Hat Trio
Flyktsoda – Ebba Grön

Don’t you just want to be there, in this video? I do:

And since we’re going with the whole Swedish goodness angle and I am in that kind of mood, here is one of Sookie’s dream sequences from the second season of “True Blood” (if you are, say, in Britain and not caught up with the show, do NOT watch this, there is a spoiler here):

Eric and Sookie are like… cream cheese and capers together – delicious.

9 thoughts on “Monday Music: the gospel of Ebba Grön edition

  1. Oh, God, that scene is great. Eric is a hot, hot, hot vampire. Perhaps he could translate the lyrics for you? Alternatively, if he’s busy, you could try Megan Case.
    She speaks English, Russian, and Swedish. I don’t actually know her personally, just followed her blog for a while, and I think I found both her and you through Veronica Khokhlova, so you’re connected in my head.

  2. 1. Mr Big Wheel by Christine Kittrell / 2. This Guitar Was Made for Twanging by Duane Eddy / 3. Side O’ the Road by Creedence Clearwater Revival / 4. Recharge by The Fugees / 5 Wasting My Time by Harry Nilsson / 6. Wasted Years by Iron Maiden / 7. Arnold Layne by Pink Floyd / 8. Women and Money by John Lee Hooker / 9. Click O.K. by Pong (an Austin band) / 10. Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time by Lords of the Underground

  3. If you google my nonsensical handle, you’ll see that I have become the Master Control Program of blog commenting, especially since I nuked my own in an ironic fit of apathy.

  4. 1. I like your new new layout.
    2. I just recently saw this video and am now obsessed with it. And since you are on a Swedish binge, you’ve given me a reason to share my obsession: Fever Ray “If I had a heart.”

    3. I should read the comments here more often. I was inexplicably under the impression Megan Case’s blog was defunct…

  5. I really really hate to be cynical at this moment (and Natalia, I know you have SAD and I want to respect your feelings), but I think most people like the new layout because there are boobs in the header image. There. I said it.

  6. I wrote “new new layout” because I mean that this one is preferable to the previous one (which had the same picture at the top) because the previous one did not display correctly for me. I liked the bubble gum one before that too.

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