So APPARENTLY we’re having a bit of an ecological catastrophe around here

Something called “sludge fields” at an “aeration station” burned recently, meaning that all of these harmful chemicals have been released into the atmosphere. The headline on that piece, by the way, starts out with “Kievans are being advised not to go outside…” LOL.

Well, I’m still breathing (if you can count it as breathing, I have the cold to end all colds). Will let you guys know if I stop.

2 thoughts on “So APPARENTLY we’re having a bit of an ecological catastrophe around here

  1. Wishing you a good strong breeze to chase it all away then. Else – I believe in schools all over former soviet union they must have kept their store of gas masks (leftover from hateful thing known as ‘гражданская оборона’, [old man talking mode on] in my time [old man talking mode off] they used to teach us how to use them ‘in case of nuclear attack’. What good gas mask is against radiation (or being blown/melted/roasted on the spot for the matter) was never discussed though.

    Kidding o’course, especially in view of aesthetic side with regards to ‘elephant herding’ (another term to turn the ‘old man mode’ on with, not sure about modern types but soviet gas mask had a literal ‘elephant trunk’ with air filter on end of it) – but only half so – being tormented with chronic coughing – left over of recent flu – I’m dealing with fresh air and breathing related issues being at least half serious.

    In all cases, let me finish with what I’m started from – let there be breeze (in moderate quantities not to overdo it :))

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