Monday Music: the vague stab at Europop/the shadow of the past edition

Because Safiya has been on my case about this (she’s been on my case about lots of things, which is nice of her), this Monday Music edition will feature some electronic and not so electronic Euro-poppery. With special thanks to Helen.

Starry Eyed (Jakwob remix) – Ellie Goulding
Triangle Walks (Rex the Dog remix) – Fever Ray
Only You – Yaz
Saturday Night – Stray & Grass
Take On Me – a-ha
Halcyon & on & on – Orbital
Sash! – La Primavera
LDN – Lily Allen
Despre Tine – O-Zone
Lollipop – Mika

I need to give you some background on “Halcyon & on & on.” I’m not going to talk about how it’s a remix and stuff. You can find all that information on Wikipedia (and while Wiki doesn’t feature my cleavage in the banner, it more than makes up for it in other ways, ha). I need to tell you about a certain point in time that this song was the soundtrack for.

One night, at a party, me and my friends decided to take off and drive to this guy’s beach house on this obscure island on the coast. We got lost maybe 25 times [citation needed] on the way there. The darkness was immense. I kept trying to nap and couldn’t, because the situation felt like a set-up for the most gratuitous made-for-TV horror film of all time. The guys kept saying stuff like – ” and now we’re going to turn this corner, and it will be a dead end, and there will be a chanting mob carrying torches and stuff” – and I kept screaming at them to stop.

When we finally made it to the beach house, the night was ending. The ocean waves were like little cat-tongues. We smoked, and took turns freestyling, which I actually joined in that one time, albeit in Russian (so no one could tell if I was Andre Nickatina or Vanilla Ice), and as I looked out onto the water and the moon doing whatever it that it was doing (you can never tell with the moon, is it rising? Is it setting?), I put on my headphones and listened to Orbital. And the less night there was left, the more I realized that I was falling in love.

It was, I think, the happiest morning of my life. It was completely random, and nothing epic even happened, unless you count an alleged “battle between a dolphin and some sharks” which I’d missed anyway. But there it was.

Life is in a wholly different chapter right now, a chapter I think I’ll title “WHAT THE SHIT & WHO STOLE MY TABASCO” in my memoirs, and in keeping with that theme, and the theme of this post in general, here’s Erika:

Speaking of classics, here’s Techno Viking (yes, I know that’s not POP music, whatever):

I’ve always believed that the Techno Viking should run for European Parliament. Maybe he still will. The days now are short. Either our hope cometh, or all hopes end.

7 thoughts on “Monday Music: the vague stab at Europop/the shadow of the past edition

  1. And the less night there was left, the more I realized that I was falling in love.

    That’s beautiful. Agree with you on the Techno Viking.


    You have a gift for making me smile while reading of your misfortune, which sounds shitty but I honestly mean it in a good way.

  3. 1. Please Don’t Leave Me by Fats Domino
    2. Winning the War by ‘Til Tuesday
    3. Blow my Top by the King Khan & BBQ Show
    4. Blood Red Skies by Judas Priest
    5. Never Give You Up by Raphael Saadiq
    6. Voodoo by the Dirty Dozen Brass Band
    7. Hello How Are You by The Easybeats
    8. There’s a Change in the Weather by The Kinks
    9. Don’t Say Nuthin’ by The Roots
    10. East of the Sun by The Oscar Peterson Trio

    Bonus video: I’m a Don Juan by The Embarrassment, a great, semi-lost Wichita, Kansas underground band from the late 70s/early 80s. You could plop these guy down at SXSW and they wouldn’t be out of place.

  4. Ooh yes. Thank you very much. I like that Eliza song very much indeed. Sadly, I may be too old for banging techno choons.

    Glad you included a Rex the Dog mix. I love Rex the Dog, Bubblicious is awesome, even my baby likes it and the video is equally uplifting:

    However, my current favourite slice of rather mature fromage is:

    Apparently the singer is now a successful hair and make up artist in the Netherlands.

    You see there is life after Europop, there’s life after everything. 😉

  5. Glean my email from the required-field info of the comments and drop me a line with a mailing address. I will send you tabasco. Red? Green? Both?

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