Monday Music: first stray snowflakes

‘Till I Collapse – Eminem
Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin
Dorogi – Leningrad
Queer – Garbage
Dance Avec Moi – Fine Cut Bodies
Keep the Car Running – Arcade Fire
One More Murder – Better Than Ezra
Bongo Bong – Manu Chao
Rosa Parks – Outkast
I’m Not Your Toy – La Roux

Since I’m still on a creepy Halloween kick, here is a disturbing video. The song is by a band called Krematoriy:

“Little girl with a stare like a she-wolf, Once upon a time, I too was a suicide. I too lay in a bloody bath, And silently ingested marijuana smoke.”

Hm. Should I be listening to music like this? With the starless dark and the dogs howling and snapping their teeth somewhere beyond the reaches of the streetlamp, Eminem is probably the saner option.

In the meantime, I have been studiously avoiding posting anything about the hysteria over the flu pandemic around here, but I feel like that post can only be avoided for so long.

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