Because I needed an excuse to unleash Jeremy Piven

Here’s great advice advice for every single entitled-ass expat who thinks that local women (or any other women) owe him shit:

shoot yourself

This invitation extends to both the douchebag in the comments on the post below this one, and anyone else who might like to start round 453,534,579 of the What Do You Mean I’m Not Awesome Simply For Being An American Hanging Out In A Poor Country So I Can Get My Dick Sucked conversation.

[And if that gif takes a few minutes to load – because I’m told it can do that – just leave this window open and let it work its special, Jeremy Piven magic, before coming back to it and enjoying it in all of its glory]

4 thoughts on “Because I needed an excuse to unleash Jeremy Piven

  1. @Natalia:

    The turmoil that you’ve been going through and have obliquely referenced on this blog has registered with all your readers, including myself. Like the rest of your readers, I’ve noticed that in multiple previous posts, you keep bringing up verbal images of self-harm or even visual images (as above).

    With those images in mind, I simply want to join in urging you to stay safe at all times. Your readers (including myself) all want you to know that we think about you all the time, regardless of whether we comment. We all want you to get through the winter safely and with as much peace of mind as you can manage right now. It’s good to hear that you’re with your family and are getting out and hopefully having a good time when you can.

    On a separate note, your aggrieved commenter Stendhall is quite an entitled a*shole, as other commenters noted. It’s amazing that he actually hoped his comment would be made public. What a weirdo.

    But again, we are all thinking about you and want you to get through this season safely and with no more aggravation than you can handle. Hopefully people like Stendhall are not your typical encounter in Kyiv. 🙂 Stay healthy and flu-free.

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