Monday Music: sweet and weary head

My friend Egon is in town and I am busy being a terrible host, alongside the usual activities, such as trying to crawl under from beneath a pile of work. Still, Monday music is sacred.

Lorge – El Ten Eleven
Lapland – Ratatat
Thorn-torn Lips – Robert Berkman
Pretty Good Year – Tori Amos
In My Life – Johnny Cash
Heart of Gold – Neil Young
Profit – Ebba Grön
To the Dancers in the Rain – Emilie Simon
Slip – Deadmau5
Sh-Boom (Life Could Be a Dream) – Crew Cuts

I’ve heard all about this band, Radio 4, recently. Me likey.

2 thoughts on “Monday Music: sweet and weary head

  1. I cleared out some junk on the portable device and added different junk, so we’ll see if it makes an appreciable difference:

    1. The Main Thing by Roxy Music / 2. Gonna Follow My Baby by Big Boy Crudup (no relation to Billy) / 3. What’s On My Mind by Kansas (slated for next cycle’s junk-clearing) / 4. Look at the Rain by The Meat Puppets / 5. My 45 by Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs / 6. You’re Breakin’ My Heart by Harry Nilsson (google the lyrics) / 7. Uncloudy Day by John Fahey / 8. Poor Boy by Split Enz / 9. That Will Just About Knock Me Out by Nellie Lutcher / 10. Girl’s Eyes by The Who


  2. I know Kristian Dunn of El Ten! So overjoyed to hear you like them!
    Great great band, gutted that I missed them last week when they were in town.

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