Bernard-Henri Lévy’s immortal genius

Let me show you it.

I’m not going to talk about how rape apologia is a bad thing, because if that’s not clear to you by now, you 1) fail at life and 2) are hanging out on the wrong blog.

I am, however, going to say this: McCarthyism? BHL, you compare the outrage over Polanski’s crime and the aftermath of said crime to McCarthyism? I suppose I shouldn’t expect anything less from a man who once said that the face-veil is an “invitation to rape” – because, clearly, rape is something one is able to invite (grab a goddamn dictionary from one of your mahogany shelves, you creepy, over-indulged jackass, and avail yourself of the definition of the word “rape”; you might want to follow that up by asking yourself what is it about a woman in a face-veil that gets you violently excited to begin with, because if this isn’t some weird personal issue regarding women’s availability or lack thereof, then I am Persephone, queen of the underworld) – but still, I just have to say it one more time:

McCarthyism? FREAKING MCCARTHYISM? So, when Mike Tyson went to jail for rape, that was just like the Boer War, right? I mean, that’s about as much sense as you’re making right here, you narcissistic, overgrown pretty boy. Realizing that I once thought of you as hot makes me want to take a bath in a goddamn vat of Lysol.

Why don’t you just go back to dropping pearls of wisdom such as your earth-shattering revelation that “everything matters to everybody”? Even though reading pompous drivel like that makes me feel like my eyeballs are about to start bleeding, something tells me you do less damage while paddling about in the shallow end of the pool. Seriously, aren’t there better things for you to do than “provocateurizing” about Polanski – such as making sure the right amount of buttons is currently unbuttoned on your boring white shirt? Or, hey, I don’t know, maybe you could just get more pies to the face, or something.

Hat-tip to Sady.

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