My friends do cool things: link round-up

Michael Forster Rothbart, who’s really cool and whom I interviewed earlier this year, has a new site dedicated to his photography, After Chernobyl. It’s interactive.

A couple of people I adore have just created an equally adorable — and convenient — app: Even as a stubborn, pedantic, even illogically hysterical anti-iPhoner, I can recognize the benefits of this app. For one thing, it allows me to conveniently harass my friends while I’m online.

I love Matthew Sheret, because he produces the kind of music writing I live to publish. Here’s Matt on The Nightmare Before Christmas curated by My Bloody Valentine.

And for a good literary dork-out, look no further than my friend Heidi Steimel, who edited Music in Middle-earth. OK, so the book is in German. I own the collected works of Goethe in German (thanks to a certain Exmouthian), can’t read much except for the stuff I already went over in high school and college and such, but hey, whatever. German is a beautiful language. English is a Germanic language. Never forget, bitches.

2 thoughts on “My friends do cool things: link round-up

  1. “Music in Middle-earth” is in English as well – there are two volumes, published (almost) simultaneously in both languages, with identical content. We translated the German articles into English and vice-versa, so readers can choose in which language they want to read the book. Both will be out early in the New Year.

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