So Elin Nordegren is a dew-fresh damsel in distress, and those other women Tiger banged are “skanks”

This — minus the clever asides — could have been written by some fratboy college paper columnist who calls his conquests “whores” and then wears a nice polo to church on Sunday. Virgin/whore much?

Tiger Woods’ cheating isn’t a “symptom” of anything. The fact that anyone even cares about his cheating is the real symptom. I’m sure this is really crappy for his family, but that’s their business to begin with, not mine, or yours.

And as an aside of my own — I hate this “family friendly” image that athletes have to maintain in order to get and keep advertising deals and such. It makes hypocrites out of everyone, including people who act gleeful when they mess up.

(And sure, you know, I use words like “skank” and “ho” all the time, and am a hypocrite as much as anyone else, but I try not to employ them while delving into cultural analysis — because I feel weird making those kinds of statements about entire groups of women, or men)

5 thoughts on “So Elin Nordegren is a dew-fresh damsel in distress, and those other women Tiger banged are “skanks”

  1. What drives me up the wall is that meme that “monogamy is good.” Hah! If I were in a relationship with a guy, I’d expect him to cheat. So long as he didn’t bring any diseases home, it’s all good.

  2. Word. And you know what, I think this sort of shit, this gang-hate pile on of tiger and his women is hyped up by the same big money people who are proposing “end the demand” initiative as we speak all around the US. It’s an attack on slutty women and the men who like them… pure and simple, as clearly as “end the demand” is an attack on whores and the men who like them… it’s pure propaganda put forth to enable a political objective…

    plain as day…. if this was hitlers germany, Tiger would be a jew, his women would be some other group hitler hated – “jew lovers” or something and the wife would be an “honorable german” wife who’s been dishonored.

    She’s Swedish for fucks sake, it’s the Swedish Model isn’t it?

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