I don’t care what you say, I won’t live in a world without Britney

People keep referring to her as “busted” these days, and I’m just like, WHAT? Give the woman a break. After two kids, a crappy divorce, and various colourful incidents, she’s way more interesting now than she ever was when my generation was in high school. I don’t even care that she lip-syncs, I enjoy her spectacle, not her voice. Which is why I felt vindicated when this list came out. Well, sort of, because Miley freaking Cyrus somehow made it to third place, but Pink is not even on it. So you know it’s technically invalid.

(These are all the deep thoughts I can muster right now. I am a very happy, but very tired girl.)

3 thoughts on “I don’t care what you say, I won’t live in a world without Britney

  1. All pop stars who have that kind of physical live show lip-sync to some extent. It’s physically impossible to sing when your body is contorted in certain ways.

    She can sing live, I’ve see the footage and that’s what bugs me – they never give her credit when it’s due but are suspiciously handy with a video camera when things go wrong for her. I say give Britney a break too!

  2. At least she’s entertaining, even if it’s everything but her singing that entertains.

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