A Gaiman/Sedaris video post in which I horribly embarrass myself for the sake of two people I adore

Vladimir, this is for you. I hope both you & Neil Gaiman can forgive me for the bad reading style.

Lal, this is for you. I hope you’re happy, and may David Sedaris have mercy on my soul.

24 thoughts on “A Gaiman/Sedaris video post in which I horribly embarrass myself for the sake of two people I adore

  1. Not to say that you should become a professor if you’re not so inclined, but …
    your lectures would be awesome.

  2. natalia – you troll for compliments, correct? “chewbacca.” you are beautiful, and you are especially beautiful when you are smiling and winking. just admit it. no one will mind.

  3. Long live Ukraine!! haaahaaa
    David Sedaris is a wonderful poet, sounds even better with you reading him. haaahaaa

    oh yaa happy birthday Vladimir!

    Natalia the mystery has been revealed, now ur a closed book.

    you should really wear teeth guards at night or in another five years you wont have any teeth, also use some anti wrinkling cream on ur neck, those rings should go away soon enough. overall I give u 2.7 stars out of five on looks and 5 stars out of 5 on ambition. Very Very ambitious you r Natatlia…

    Drink more chai and stress alot less.

    Love Anonymous(Your only True Love)xoxoxoxoxo

    PS HaaaHaaa

  4. Why would I ever want to waste my hard-earned money on anti-wrinkling cream for my neck? My neck has always been like this, it is genetics, love. And I don’t grind my teeth, but thanks for the free dental advice. xo. Oh, and David Sedaris is not a poet.

  5. “Why would I ever want to waste my hard-earned money on anti-wrinkling cream for my neck? ”

    Because ur rating might go up from 2.7 to a 2.79. HaaaHaaa! If its genetic maybe plastic surgery might help???

    “And I don’t grind my teeth…”

    Thats what most people who do, say. really check it out, honestly

    “David Sedaris is not a poet.”

    Sorry, Hes a God sent from above, Im not worthy, Im not worthy…Generally speaking when most women are talking its sounds like blahblahblah to moi. The only acceptable sounds from women are orgasmic sounds and sounds from the kitchen hahahaaha

    So how does the boat float for Ms. Natalia Antanova?

    Still that fuming mad women from Russia?

    Being nominated for the Giller?

  6. Wulfie, but why would I need to go up on the scale? Especially in your eyes? You’re still a kid as far as I’m concerned, if you liked me, I would be disturbed.

    I would totally consider plastic surgery for when I’m older (though I think people’s obsession with it tends to go too far) and maybe richer, but definitely not on my neck. I like my neck. And nope, I don’t grind ’em. They are naturally very small, and unhealthy, sadly.

    And the Giller is awarded to Candian authors.

  7. natalia – your other trolls have no taste. and can’t spell. though i wish you didn’t read SEDARIS. i do not understand and never will understand why he makes people laugh as much. and gaiman i find pedestrian as well. at least it wasn’t terry pratchett..

  8. “And the Giller is awarded to Candian authors.”

    Well if you married me and became a Canadian citizen that would solve this problem. Plus ur sexual frustrations would be solved. The only word ud be saying afterwords would be ohwulfie. ohwulfie this ohwulfie that ohwulfie ohwulfie ohwulfie ohwulfie ohwulfie and the Giller prize goes to Ohwulfie by Natalia Antanova

    Consider plastic surgery when ur older…ur not getting any younger. Besides plastic surgery is the “in thing”, get a new face like Heidi on the Hills. !&$@ Ur just fine, maybe some nose surgery, thats all.

    Richer? I thought ur Jordanian bboy had lots of money. Isn’t that why u married him?

    I do like you, in HaaaHaaa kinda of way Haaahaaa

    Anyways keeping on topic ur videos are fine, Im sure beyonce looks the same in the middle of the night(unless she has a makeup artist by her bedside)lol

    U really do love ur brother, its shown in the few times ive visited this site….familial love is like that, blood is thicker than water…

  9. I feel terrible for Heidi Montag. She got upset because people like Perez Hilton ragged on her chin, and went wild. I liked that chin of hers. More so than I liked her entire celebrity persona.

    And I’m not married. I am single. You haven’t kept up.

  10. What happened? Worlds apart…I guess…

    Perez Hilton is the anus of journalism, right next to Tmz.

    Forget about the plastic surgery, ur nose is just fine.

  11. Life got in the way, Wulfie. Life got in the way. And I’ve actually never liked my nose. But I’m keeping it. I think it would throw my entire face out of whack if I did anything to it. Once again, Heidi Montag is the perfect example of how you shouldn’t ruin noses if you can help it.

  12. natalia – i can forgive a woman with sparkling blue eyes and high cheekbones and small, delicate lips a great deal of various offenses such as the ones you commit on your blog regularly, but i can never forgive terry pratchett.

  13. You gotta give me more or perhaps just direct me to an article you have written…

    Single, I guess there must be a line of suiters from Ukraine to Jordan, or where ever ur at….

    The guy was a duschbag anyways….

  14. I haven’t written about breaking up. Well, I haven’t written anything that has yet been published, let’s put it this way. He wasn’t a douchebag. He was and is a great guy, but it just wasn’t meant to be. It sucks, but there you have it. I don’t have any regrets, though, because we were wonderful together.

    Cranky, my heart is broken. Alas. Once again. Some things are not meant to be.

    Ok, now I am done with work at the fabulous hour of nearly 6 a.m., and must stop commenting on my own blog posts, and close all browser windows. And go to bed. Finally. 🙂

  15. @ Natalia

    How can we get the above-embedded WordPress videos to play on a desktop using Internet Explorer 8?

    I keep clicking my mouse over the “play” symbol but nothing plays — the rotating-dots icon rotates without the actual video playing.

    I never have any trouble playing embedded YouTube videos. I don’t see why WordPress videos should be a problem.

    Thanks for any help.

  16. Aww, that was a lovely thing to do for your brother and your friend :). I think Neil Gaiman gives good advice to us all, not just 14-year-old boys.

    Have you read ‘Good Omens’? That book made me laugh out loud from start to finish.

    Happy birthday Vladimir!

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