This is me right now

Also, Poland is beautiful. All clothed in a snowy shroud. But what else is new, really? I have always loved this country. It’s in my tendons and my blood and other parts of me as well. It’s the country where I shot a gun for the first time.

Paustovsky loved Poland, and Paustovsky and I are practically brother and sister. He wrote one of the best autobiographies ever, incidentally. Everything is in it – Kiev and Bulgakov, Moscow and Gilyarovsky, summers in Bryansk, war in Lublin. His Kievan ghost was the first to hold my hand (squeeze his nails into my palm, truth be told) and tell me to write. So, you know. This is srs bzns.

2 thoughts on “This is me right now

  1. I remember reading Paustovosky’s 3 vol. autobiography (in a German translation) some 35 years ago and being completely absorbed by the distant world he conjures up. Enjoy Poland..

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