Nobody is owed happiness

So I was on the Daily Mail’s website the other day (I know, I know), reading some bitchy comments to an equally bitchy article – and it struck me, how the promise of happiness is used a battering ram in our culture.

People look at happiness as a sustainable commodity, which in turn allows them to turn around and say things like, “Well! She’s a 43-year-old woman! Who’s divorced! And has a career! She’s bitter! And will wind up bitterer!”

Oh my dear sweet and loving God, most of us wind up bitter. Even most rich guys who ditched their wives for women half their age are bitter as hell. Trust me, it comes through in interviews.

I think that life, public life at the very least, would be so much easier if we could all come to grips with the fact that happiness is temporary and therefore can’t be prescribed like some pill. It wouldn’t be happiness otherwise.

3 thoughts on “Nobody is owed happiness

  1. I am not sure weather to laugh or cry at the knowledge that the Daily Mail (or ‘Daily Fail’ as I like to call it) has a global reputation for it’s right-wing trash. The Daily Mail only ever run these type of stories to push their 1950’s style subtext:

    ‘Well no wonder you little girlies are so unhappy, filling your pretty little heads with notions like earning your own wage. Why can’t to you just be happy to stay at home and make cakes and babies all day while us chaps do the real work!’.

    I pray for the demise of that Nazi Shit Rag every night but it never seems to happen.

  2. Hehe! I read the Daily Mail for sheer entertainment value and to see just *how* many times I can scoff “Are you serious??!”.

    It is absolutely bonkers and if anything, it is the comments that are more mortifying – the journalists are paid to spew bile, while most of the negative commenteers truly believe their views. Gargh.

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