Monday music, the “I really wish I wasn’t sick again” edition

What’s WRONG with me, and WHAT SUPERNATURAL ENTITY have I pissed off?


Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For a Sunbeam – Nirvana
Heysatan – Sigur Ros
Get Back – Ludacris
Heaven Tonight – Hole
The Last Thing On Your Mind – Lights
Red Turned White – Architecture In Helsinki
Baby’s In Black – the Beatles
Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis – Neko Case
Animal – Miike Snow
Vesna – Melnitsa

Since we’re continuing with the theme of my childhood around here:

“The Craft” was so bad that it was good. It was also creepy as hell, when you think about it.

4 thoughts on “Monday music, the “I really wish I wasn’t sick again” edition

  1. Talking of music videos, I saw this the other day and I’m not sure what to make of it.

    Actually, I know what to make of it, I think it’s in poor taste, but I was curious to hear your PoV as it’s spoofing a Russian Shopping channel.

  2. Don’t talk to me about being constantly sick! I have had an inner ear vertigo thing where I could not even stand up for days, then viral infection and inflated tonsils, then my eye got infected…then…more vertigo….endless!!!!! :))) I definitely pissed someone off. Probably since I added the A for OUT campaign on my blog. Haha.

  3. Oh, that video is creepy/cool. It’s not really spoofing anything though – because there were never shopping channels like that in the USSR in the 1980’s. It’s kind of an alternate reality.

  4. I can’t believe I’ve avoided thinking about the Craft all these years; except that I remember Fairuza Balk from the even-more-creepy “Return to Oz” when she was a tot.

    1. Cellulite City by Redd Kross
    2. One Hundred Years From Now by The Byrds
    3. Gone Gamblin’ by The Supersuckers
    4. Mid-City Fiesta by People Under the Stairs
    5. Tear for Tear by Gene Chandler
    6. Heroine by The Boys
    7. False Alarms by Bill Nelson
    8. Hope and Despair by Edwyn Collins
    9. A Furiosa by The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
    10. Take This Hammer by Leadbelly

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