Ironically enough, there’s rioting and I’m stuck at work

I say “ironically,” because just yesterday, I was blogging at The Moscow News about how quiet my neighbourhood tends to be when there is public unrest in Moscow. Now I’m reading about how even the mosque on Bolshaya Tatarskaya street, which is right by where I live, may be under threat.

We’re being advised to stay out of the metro right now. Our Arab colleagues went home – Holy Batman (or Robin), I hope they stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Ironically enough, there’s rioting and I’m stuck at work

  1. You know… and I’m just, you know, saying — Canada has pretty much the same weather, we play pretty much the same sports, we’ve got lots of newspapers that need decent reporters, and we’ve even got more tendencies towards Socialism than Russia does these days. There’s a surprising lack of day-to-day lunacy here, but there’s lots of room, so if you’re looking for a safer place to hang out… I know some people, I could probably get you in.

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