Happy wedding picture/ignoring the world sort of post

happy picture / antonova & zhiryakov
happy happy

I realize I should be writing profound posts about the situation in Egypt, or else writing profound posts about all of the crap random “observers” have said to me since Anna was killed at Domodedovo, or protesting some other form of injustice or stupidity, but I just honestly want to ignore the world for now. La la la la la, can’t hear you, world. I want to be a happy newlywed. I want to enjoy feeling the baby move. I want to harass my father over Skype about losing weight, play “Fallout: New Vegas” and count down the days until spring.

If this isn’t the time to be happy, then I honestly don’t know when that time should be. In spite of all the bullshit and bad weather. If you know me well, you know exactly what I mean. And if you don’t know me well – I think you can guess.

Today marks the lunar new year. The start of another cycle. I marked the end of the year of the tiger by going to see a good man about my problems. We talked back problems and philosophy, and about how so many of the things that appear to stand in our way are actually made out of fog – and how the fog also makes it hard to see. Neither one of us tried to be cool or witty, we just talked as the road hummed outside. I stared at the ceiling as he worked over the muscles in my back, pinpointing the place in my spine that has sustained so much damage over the years. I cried when the pain in my back began to leave a little, as if it was bored and was considering moving on.

8 thoughts on “Happy wedding picture/ignoring the world sort of post

  1. The world is shit and we have to take our happiness when and where we can find it. Happiness is so very fleeting that I refuse to spend time pondering about world misery when I am lying happily in my lovers arms.

  2. You do right, honey. It’s ultimately pointless to dwell on things that don’t affect you and that you can’t influence. Especially when so many wonderful things are taking place right in front of you, right now.


  3. What Renee said, enjoy every happy moment. The antidote for the negative things in this world can be found in the ones we love.

  4. Dear Natalia, congratulations on the wedding and the upcoming birth of your baby. Even though I don’t personally know you, I have been following your blogs for some time now, and I’m sincerely happy for you. It’s a beautiful time in one’s life, so you’re right to cherish this time and enjoy it to the max. I think it’s only human to want these ‘small’ but significant happinesses.

  5. “It’s ultimately pointless to dwell on things that don’t affect you and that you can’t influence.”

    I really need to remember that more.

    What a succinct, honest post. There is no need to explain this. Congratulations.

  6. Hei Natalia. Great that on top of all your writing and responsibilities you still have time to play games!
    I gave up on games, hardly have time to read books 😦
    Congratulations on your wedding.

    Lots of love!

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